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tetheredReviewed by Jen

I have to admit, I always pause before spending three bucks on a novella. Will it be worth it?  Is the publisher just trying to milk my love for an established series with a little puff of nothing set in a world I’m committed to?  And despite my love for Meljean Brook, I wondered the same thing here. Thankfully, I can assure you that “Tethered” was worth every penny and then some.

This is a companion story designed to be read after Heart of Steel. With some novellas, it doesn’t really matter when you read them, but here I urge you to read it after book two. It flows so wonderfully. And the events here really set up some of the stuff we learn about later in The Kraken King.  This story has a great action plot and it’s chock-full of the feels built up in the last installment.

Things pick up right on the heels of the last story.  Yasmeen and Archimedes are happy and trying to create a new normal aboard their new airship.  But just when things seem pretty darn wonderful, an old friend of Archimedes’ shows up in need of a favor.  And when Archimedes says no, the man makes him an offer he can’t refuse. I don’t want to ruin the particulars, but I was 100% invested in story.

Bilson’s method of extortion couldn’t be more wrenching. And watching Archimedes and Yasmeen struggle with how to respond was a fantastic read. Meljean Brook is so great at making me feel the emotions of her characters.  I was completely invested from beginning to end.  If you are a fan of the Iron Seas, you do not want to skip this one.  It’s not a throwaway. In fact, it’s as good as a full length story… maybe better.

Rating: A-

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by Meljean Brook
Release Date: April 2, 2013
Publisher: Penguin


  1. Janhavi says:

    I thought you would like it! I think that its even better than Heart of Steel.

  2. Yea!! I seriously found every novella and novel in this series worth the money. They are each so great!

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