Review: The Danger in Tempting an Earl by Sophie Barnes

danger in tempting an earlReviewed by Jen

I had trouble connecting to this book.  I didn’t find it engaging at all.  Neither the romance nor the larger plot worked for me.

The hero, Lucian, has been in love with Kate since childhood.  Despite the facts that he is the ostensibly attractive and charming older brother of a dear friend –and that they were inseparable in youth– she never even considered that they could one day be a match.  I had trouble right here at the very beginning.

It seems everyone who has ever met these two knew about Lucien’s feelings and everyone expected them to end up together. Everyone but Kate. I didn’t buy it.  Anyway… Kate married another guy while Lucien was off to war and now that she is a widow, he finally sees his chance to come home and win her heart.

Kate had a very unhappy marriage and never wants to repeat the experience. Even faced with Lucien’s clear feelings for her, she was too afraid to accept him. There was so much build-up here, I expected that she had been the object of serious abuse. But after all of the building, her backstory was terribly weak.  What happened to her in her first marriage –even what prompted her to marry the guy in the first place– was so anticlimactic that I was annoyed and frustrated. It all made her character difficult to like and respect.

Lucien was a different story. What kept him from Kate made sense and I could see how bad timing and circumstance brought him to where he is.  But it has been years and he jumped back in the saddle in love with a woman he’s been separated from all of this time. It strains credibility.

Meanwhile, someone is trying to kill Kate.  Who and why is just stupid. I can’t think of a kinder way to say it.  The motivation for all the hate behind it didn’t have enough in the story to support it.  I didn’t believe it and I didn’t care anyway.

Lucien and his sassy grandmother were about the only things this book had going for it. And they are not quite enough to make it a winner in my opinion.

Rating: C-/D+

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 The Danger in Tempting an Earl
by Sophie Barnes
Release Date: July 29, 2014
Publisher: Avon


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