Review: Who Wants to Marry a Doctor? by Abigail Sharpe

who wants to marry a doctorReviewed by Janell

I admit it, I read this book because of the title. It’s so silly and obvious, I wondered if there would be subversive depth going on underneath. And there kind of was, so, yay!

The first unexpected twist came when I realized that the heroine was the doctor. I know, how sexist of me to think that it would be a book about shallow women trying to marry a rich doctor. Sabrina was a pediatrician in a small Wyoming town, she had a son out of wedlock, and she lived with her parents. Her sister ran (or owned, I’m not sure) the local bar and dispensed advice while she pours drinks.

The next twist was the setup. I know we’re all jaded, used to these frivolous reality shows that cast unappealing yet sexy people. In this book, the reality show is strictly a local deal. The TV station set Sabrina up with four local men (a TV anchor, an insurance salesman, a plumber, and some other guy). The dates were filmed, and people voted by sending in money. The proceeds went towards funding a new pediatric wing of the local hospital, a cause near and dear to our doctor’s heart. Sabrina was the reluctant star of the show, having no interest in dating guys on TV but wanting to raise money for the kids.

The third twist was that the love interest was not one of the pre-selected guys. I know! For some reason, the host of the show was an experienced journalist, fresh from an embedded stint in Afghanistan where he was injured by a roadside bomb. Quinn’s sister was kind of a local, so somehow that connection brought him to small town Wyoming to host a show and recover from his injuries. For some other reason, Quinn was assigned to follow Sabrina around before the show began, so that he could get to know her. Which, in context, makes no sense because he just read what’s on the cue cards, his personal knowledge of Sabrina never made an appearance in the show.

Quinn and Sabrina had the hots for each other. I was annoyed by the insta-lust, honestly, because they thought of each other naked pretty much right after their introduction. But they kept the attraction to a simmer long enough to placate me, and then they had a secret affair.

Sabrina was almost too good to be true. She was dedicated to her son and her job, and she didn’t want to have a fling with Quinn in case it affected the show and ruined her pet cause. But she was likable anyway, especially when she tried to seduce Quinn and he wasn’t quite having it.

Quinn was almost too damaged and lone wolf-y. His MO was to move from job to job, chasing stories, never settling down. Plus, he wanted to get back to Afghanistan so that he could finish his story. He just wanted a fling with Sabrina, but darn it if she didn’t get under his skin!

Overall, this story was way better than I expected. The beginning was a little choppy for me, but then it began to flow. I enjoyed the comedic touches, along with the secret meetings, the sexual tension, and the small town drama. I think I actually cared about what happened to everyone!

Thankfully the “dates” from the show didn’t get too much page time, so it didn’t take too much focus away from the main characters. If you don’t like reality show novels, you might still enjoy this one because the plot isn’t immersed in the show. And if you do like those novels, then why not give this one a try?

Rating: B

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Who Wants to Marry a Doctor?
by Abigail Sharpe
Release Date: July 1, 2014
Publisher: Forever


  1. Jen at Red Hot Books says:

    Maybe you assumed the doctor was a man because of the cover art!

    • You’re right! I didn’t look at the cover after I got it, but that totally incorrect picture burrowed into my subconscious.

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