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finding miss mcfarlandReviewed by Jen

I think this must be my favorite among Vivienne Lorret’s Wallflower Weddings series. This installment features the fiery redhead Delaney, who is part of the needlework circle with previous heroines Emma and Merribeth. Only, she doesn’t actually do needlework. She pays her maid to do it — a small price to pay for friendships– and just one of the many quirks about her that made her so likeable.  She marches to the beat of her own drum. And she has her future all mapped out.

We met Delaney in the earlier books and learned that she is frowned upon by the ton for a mysterious and embarrassing incident at her debut.  It’s one that has made her forever wary of coming too close to Griffin Croft again.  I won’t spoil the details of their origin story, but I will say that the story begins there and quickly jumps ahead more than a year. In all this time, Delaney has been skillfully avoiding the man, but that is about to change.

Her careful machinations to stay out of his orbit begin to fail. At first, it’s accidental. But once he learns she has been purposely avoiding him all this time, he makes it a point to foil her plans.  Despite their inauspicious beginnings, they find themselves unable to ignore the spark between them.  Although, admittedly Delaney is the one trying hardest.  You see, she’s not trying to land a love match. She wants a marriage of convenience and a life devoted to her charity of choice.  Griffin could never be her husband because his coming title will demand an heir.

I have to say, I was confused by the timeline for much of the story. It runs concurrently with Winning Miss Wakefield, which I didn’t pick up until I went back and skimmed through that installment.  The book references, for instance, the upcoming nuptuals of the couple in Daring Miss Danvers… a couple I KNEW had been married. It also referenced Merribeth’s heartache over a man she got over before the end of the last book.  Trying to reconcile these things pulled me out of the story more than once, but if you know going in, I can’t see it bothering you.

As I said before, I really liked Delaney. She is determined to do a very worthwhile thing, even at her own expense.  And while I found that her determination to avoid marriage to a man she loved held on just a bit too long, I can forgive it.  I also liked Griffin. It was fun watching him fall in love with Delaney… watching him see her through a changing lens throughout the book.  The romance was good and the ending satisfied.

Even though this is book 3 in the series, it can easily be read as a standalone.

Rating: B

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Finding Miss McFarland
by Vivienne Lorret
Release Date: August 5, 2014
Publisher: Avon Impulse

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