Review: Hard Knocks by Lori Foster

hard knocksReviewed by Carrie

Lori Foster + MMA heroes = sold without even looking at the blurb.  Hard Knocks is the short prequel novella introducing the group of guys of her new contemporary series.

Gage is back in his hometown in Ohio where he normally trains.  He’s still a bit sore that a slight injury that occurred during a sparring session caused him to lose out on his first big main card fight in Japan.  Harper has been holding out for Gage for a long time.  Harper was a bit stung when he took off without a backwards glance to go train at another facility for the big match even though she knows it’s the way of their world.

Now that Gage is back in town, Harper is determined to turn his frown upside down… in a very special way.  Gage didn’t realize how much he missed Harper until now.  It doesn’t take much for this couple to start heating things up and getting their relationship on track.

Prequel novellas are really tough things to rate. It exists mainly to set the scene for all the major players in the series.  The length tends to inhibit any depth to the main couple other than them hooking up.  Gage and Harper’s story suffers from this greatly. I felt like I came in during the middle and was missing the whole backstory of their relationship.

The best part is that readers get to meet all the other guys: Armie, Stack and Denver (Cannon is away in Japan).  They’re typical guys who love to give each other a hard time while still being a supportive friend.  I love dude banter and the author does it well.

If you are looking for something short and sexy or just want to get a jump on the series, it will fit the bill. Just don’t go in expecting a complete story.  Having said that, my hand will be the first one up for Cannon’s story next!

Rating: C/C-

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Hard Knocks
by Lori Foster
Release Date: August 4, 2014
Publisher: Harlequin HQN

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