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hillbilly rockstarReviewed by Jaimie

In general I do not read cowboy books, western type books or anything of the sort, but I always make an exception for anything Lorelei James writes.  My first experience with her writing was with her Rough Riders series and I was immediately hooked.  After meeting her in person at Lora Leigh’s RAW a few years ago, my fan girl crush on her only grew.  She is so down to earth, fun and approachable and the James Gang had a blast.  Sadly, the Rough Riders series has come to an end, but James’ other cowboy series Black Top Cowboys is in full swing.  Hillbilly Rockstar is the 6th book in the series and is about Harper’s sister Liberty Masterson, and country music star Devin McClain.

After one of his crew members is attacked while laying in Devin McClain’s bed, his record label insists that he bring on security.  Devin grew up in Muddy Gap, and he reaches out to one of his childhood friends, Tanna, whose brother owns a security firm.  Even though he does not believe he needs protection, the label digs its heels in.  During the meeting at GSC Security, Devin reluctantly agrees to bring on one bodyguard but does not want people to know that the person is guarding him.

After an injury ended her military career, Liberty Masterson drifted until she was hired by GSC.  Her career gives her personal satisfaction and she is working towards buying a home of her own to settle in to.  During her meeting with Devin and his team, it is clear that he doubts her abilities.  When the team reveals that the only way to ensure that no one knows Liberty is his body guard, would be for her to front as his personal assistant, Devin flippantly remarks that it is a good thing he is not attracted to her.  With the promise of a $100,000 bonus at the completion of the contract, Liberty checks her pride and asks for her little sister Harper’s help.  Of course Harper is delighted to have the opportunity to give her sister a make-over and Liberty undergoes a complete transformation.

Due to their extremely close quarters, Devin and Liberty get to know each other on a personal level, and he finds himself revealing stuff to her that he has never discussed with anyone.  After his baby sister died of cancer, Devin kept an emotional wall up between himself and everyone else.  He has a healthy sexual appetite, but has only engaged in oral sex for the last year and a half and Liberty is testing his resolve in that area.

Liberty is the kind of female heroine I love.  She is strong, both physically and mentally, she knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to get it.  She is comfortable in her sexuality and the chemistry between her and Devin is off the charts.  It is not long before the two are heating up the sheets, but both seem content with the idea that their fling will end when the tour ends.

Devin was my idea of a perfect hero.  He has confidence in Liberty’s abilities with respect to her job, and out in public she takes the lead.  In the bedroom, however, it is a totally different situation and he has no problem taking the reins.  The couple inevitably falls in love with each other, but Liberty refuses to acknowledge that they may have a future together.

Hillbilly Rockstar had all the elements that I love in a Lorelei James book – a sweet love story, a couple that you can totally get behind and root for, and smoking hot sex.  Another fantastic story by Ms. James!

Rating: A

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Hillbilly Rockstar
by Lorelei James
Release Date: August 5, 2014
Publisher: NAL

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