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lacey temptationsReviewed by Shelly

I received this book during a giveaway on Goodreads. The author is new to me and after reading the blurb it sounded interesting enough that there was a high chance that I would enjoy. This is a very quick read and happens over a short time (about a week). One of the things I don’t like in full length stories like this is that the characters don’t get to know each over a long time span. I’m not talking about years here, but a few months would be nice. I have a hard time believe an HEA when the characters only know each other a week.

Ryan Marks and Parker Ellison are best of friends and have been since college. Their friendship formed after a very violent episode when one of the guys found himself defending another student from a sexual assault. Flash forward a few years and Ryan is now an author of erotic novels while Parker is a detective with the local police department. While visiting Crave, a new lingerie and adult toys/books store, Ryan runs into Lacey Briton. Lacey is a registered nurse who’s worked the last few weeks without a break and she’d like to treat herself by getting some new lingerie and a few books by her favorite author, Robin Martin. For as long as she’s been reading Robin’s books, she’s assumed that it’s a woman who’s writing these stories. Suffice it to say that she’s shocked to find out that Robin is really Ryan and yep, he’s a dude.

Things take off pretty quickly after Ryan and Lacey’s first meeting. Within a day, Ryan and Parker are tracking Lacey down at the hospital where she works because one of Ryan’s fans has threatened Lacey’s life after they shared a very heated kiss in the parking lot of Crave. In order to protect her, Ryan and Parker take her away to a secluded cabin where she should be safe. During their time, Ryan sees in Lacey what he’s looking for in a woman/submissive but he can’t seem to wrap his head around it. There’s a lot of conversation between Lacey and Ryan but even with all that, Ryan still holds back. I didn’t believe his reason why he couldn’t be with Lacey – for some reason I just didn’t believe it. So there’s brooding Ryan on one hand then there’s Parker who can’t stop thinking about Lacey even though he knows that Ryan is really interested in her.

Part of my problem with this story and maybe I’ve read too many ménages, or not enough, but I didn’t understand the lack of communication between Ryan and Parker. Even while Ryan was manipulating both Parker and Lacey to give them what he thought was best for both of them I couldn’t understand the lack of communication between the two guys. I wasn’t even sure what about Lacey Parker found so irresistible because their interaction was limited. Maybe Ryan and Parker had enough ménages in the past for it to become second nature I don’t know but I didn’t feel the connection between these three. If anything I thought their romance was rushed, I know for sure that the sex was rushed.

Not only did I not feel the connection between the three, I didn’t feel a connection with any of the individual characters either. There were moments and glimpses when I thought I was connecting with Lacey but then she’d do or say something that made me just shake my head and move onto the next paragraph; same goes for Ryan and Parker. And then there were moments when I wondered what Parker was even doing in the ménage. To me he seemed superfluous – I just didn’t see that he really served a purpose in the triad because the entire relationship stemmed around Ryan and his needs and wants.

The suspense with the stalker was a let down. That just seemed like an excuse to bring Lacey to the cabin, and didn’t read as any kind of mystery or suspense. By the time the HEA came around, I was ready to be done with this triad. The overall impression left on me was ‘meh’.

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Rating: C

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Lacey Temptations
Amy J. Hawthorn
Release Date: May 8, 2014
Publisher: Siren

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