Review: Once More, My Darling Rouge by Lorraine Heath

once more my darling rogueReviewed by Jen

Let me tell you a little bit about my reading experience with this book.

Chapter 1: I hate this heroine.

Chapter 2: I really, really hate this heroine.

Chapter 3: Should I keep reading this book?

Chapter 4: Oh crap, am I going to hate the hero too?

Chapter 5: How will this romance have any chance of succeeding?  Will this be like Overboard? That movie had a happy ending, didn’t it?

I kept reading, though. Because it’s Lorraine Heath and I loved the last book of hers that I read and I had to see how she could possibly redeem it all, especially Ophelia, because I loathed her.  I have to say that while the storyline followed the obvious progression in some ways, Heath did manage to surprise me at times.  And she actually helped me understand what made the heroine tick… so much so that by the time the book reached its HEA, I actually wanted this couple to work it out.  Color me impressed.

The basic premise is like this: Drake is a wealthy man, raised by an upper-crust family, but he is no blue blood.  Ophelia is incensed that such a commoner is allowed to travel in her social circles and she is an absolute beast to him. Then she ends up in the Thames River (where I would have gladly thrown her myself) –and Drake rescues her. When she wakes, Ophelia doesn’t know who she is, so Drake decides to teach her a lesson. He tells her that she is his servant, thinking she’ll learn a little humility before her memory comes back.  He plans to lie to her only for a day, but for one reason or another, the ruse goes on and on.

The bulk of the book plays out like you would expect. Drake falls for the new version of Ophelia –and she for him.  OK, at this point, I didn’t dislike either character, but I still wasn’t crazy about it. But then there were some big revelations about Ophelia that changed the way I saw her. Not that her prior behavior was acceptable, but I understood.  I sympathized.  And despite his hair-brained scheme to deceive Ophelia, I liked Drake.  He was a good guy and he deserved a happy ending.

I didn’t love this one like The Last Wicked Scoundrel, but I ended up ok with it.  Far more than I expected to be at the beginning.

Rating: C+/B-

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Once More, My Darling Rouge
by Lorraine Heath
Release Date: August 26, 2014
Publisher: Avon

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