Review: Only With You by Lauren Layne

only with youReviewed by Janell

This delightful contemporary is an opposites-attract story done really well. Sophie is sweet girl who dropped out of law school to pursue a life of aimlessness, and she’s currently disappointing her parents by working as a cocktail waitress. While in Las Vegas for a friend’s bachelorette party, she dresses up in a slut-tastic manner, and then gets stuck in an elevator with a handsome man who can’t even bother to smile politely at her, and who sucks at trapped-in-an-elevator small talk. Then he tells her that he doesn’t want her hooker services before they’re freed, which Sophie feels is a lowlight in a life of poor decisions.

Sophie’s parents host a weekly dinner for her and her perfect orthodontist sister. This week, Sophie’s sister brings along her new boyfriend, who just so happens to be the man from the elevator! I know! Sophie manages to detour Gray into a private conversation so she can clarify that she is not a prostitute, and Gray is pretty much like, “Thanks for yet another awkward conversation, can I please never see you again.”

Her well-meaning family somehow talks Gray into offering Sophie a job as his assistant, and she accepts it just to spite him. Then she shows up at work where they engage in a game of chicken, Sophie daring him to fire her, Gray daring her to quit, while she does a fine job as his assistant.

The progress of their relationship is predictable, but the characters make it fun. Sophie is the type of woman to talk too much, and Gray is a socially-awkward introvert. Once she figures this out, Sophie sweetly teases him, but also makes his life easier as she takes over the more social aspects of his job. She has a great revelation, realizing that shy Gray has lived his life being told to be more talkative in order for people to like him. It’s almost like the author read a book about introverts to get into his character.

Sophie helps Gray, but not by teaching him to be more talkative. She just smooths things over for him and gives him a little social guidance. In return, Gray accepts Sophie for who she is. He doesn’t criticize her for not living up to her potential, he doesn’t demand that do things for him, he just lets her be. They complement each other so well, it’s really sweet.

This book has a small detour with Sophie’s sister and her best friend, which is really just to set up the next book in the series. But I am all over the next book, because this one was fun and sexy without being superficial and silly. I have great confidence in this author.

Rating: B+

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Only With You
by Lauren Layne
Release Date: July 29, 2014
Publisher: Forever

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