Review: Unbroken by Maisey Yates

unbrokenReviewed by Carrie

I actually twitter-stalked the poor author for this book.  Every time she posted a snippet, every time she mentioned Cade or Amber or bacon, I would bug her for this book. I think she sent me the galley just to get me off her back!  Thankfully, the book was everything I wanted (Man, it would’ve been embarrassing if it wasn’t).

For the last four years, Cade Mitchell has been just treading water.  He’s been nursing a multitude of hurts from his father’s infidelities being discovered to healing from his injury that ended his promising rodeo career.  Yet now, seeing his brother and little sister move forward with their careers and families, Cade feels adrift.  Fortunately, he’s always had his partner-in-crime and best friend, Amber, by his side to commiserate.

For Amber Jameson, Cade has been her lifeline since she came to Silver Creek.  Abandoned to the foster system by her parents while young, Amber bounced from family to family until her paternal grandparents took her in.  She was a bit of a wild child in high school until she realized her grandparents weren’t going to give her back and it was then that she found Cade, a kindred soul who was struggling with his own troubles.

For the last fourteen years, the pair had taken on life together but not in the way most people in town assumed – they were just friends.  Of course, Cade never admitted to Amber that he had sexy dreams about her for years and Amber never admitted that she harbored a secret longing for Cade deep in her heart.  When one of Cade’s rodeo rivals comes storming into town harassing Amber to sell the only home she’s ever known, Cade moves in and pretends to be her boyfriend to warn him off.

Amber is resistant to the idea but relents when her grandfather agrees to Cade’s help.  Cade initially sees the move as a way to help Amber but realizes that he can put his ideas to work in rehabbing the ranch and invest in his future.  Fate is not done throwing punches at the two and they come from all sides.  The hard knocks only pull them closer together and this time, lines are crossed – for better or worse.

Cade is a broken man in many ways.  He’s struggling with his place in life after the rodeo and harboring tremendous guilt over concealing his father’s infidelity for years.   Amber is equally as broken.  She’s never allowed herself the possibility that someone might want her and never forgiven herself for youthful transgressions.

I absolutely loved the pair together.  Their banter is a perfect example of two people who are completely comfortable with each other.  I really appreciated the authenticity of the fits and starts the relationship goes through once the couple has passed the line from friends to lovers.  They don’t automatically look at each other in bliss.  However, the transition isn’t overly complicated either.  Cade & Amber’s struggles, both individually and as a couple, are eminently relatable.

To best appreciate their story, I think the books should be read in order.  I think readers will miss a lot of the nuances that make up the Mitchell clan, especially Cade.  However, I think it is still a funny, bittersweet and sexy best friends to lovers story that can be appreciated by anyone.  If you enjoy contemporary romance that’s sometimes funny, sometimes sweet, but always genuine, you should be reading this series.

Rating: A-/B+

*ARC provided by author

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by Maisey Yates
Release Date: August 5, 2014
Publisher: Berkley

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