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what a duke daresReviewed by Jen

So far, I have enjoyed every installment in Anna Campbell’s Sons of Sin series. Each one has maintained a unique personality, but what I really like about Campbell’s writing is her ability to make me feel her characters’ emotions… even when (like in this case) they do their very best to ignore their own feelings.

Penelope has been in love with her brother’s best friend Camden since she was a child.  He was always there for her. He was attractive and was even going to be a Duke. What woman wouldn’t be crazy about him? The problem is that she knew he would never be crazy about her

His parents had a messy, emotional, and scandalous marriage.  The only thing Cam ever wanted was to rise above that — to live a life beyond reproach in a passionless marriage with an acceptable duchess.  He knew he liked Pen just fine growing up, so he figured proposing to a friend would be a fantastic solution. He never dreamed she would turn him down, but that’s exactly what she did.

Of course, Pen never told Cam that the real reason she rejected his proposal was because she loved him… because he would never love her.  Instead, she spent years traveling the world.  It’s not until Cam seeks her out to bring her home after her brother’s death that they cross paths again.  That’s when the real fire ignites between them.  The story follows the course of their relationship as Pen tries to hold on to her heart in the face of a man who rejects the idea of love on principle.

Poor Pen gave me all the feels.  She loves Cam so much, even despite herself.  And he is so clueless. I liked her spirit. I liked how well she knew herself and how she tried to hold out for the things she knew she needed.  Of course, I had just as much fun watching her resolve crumble every time Cam would touch her. There is such a simmering sexual dynamic between these two.  It worked for me.  The tension was great and the payoffs were satisfying.

There was a b-plot involving Pen’s younger brother and his paramour that didn’t work for me quite as well.  As deeply as I invested in the Cam/ Pen romance, I was just as disconnected with Harry and Sophie. There was no depth there and it was total insta-love. These two felt like merely a plot device in the main romance and that could have been done with less page time.

I liked revisiting the characters from the previous books, but this works just fine as a standalone.  Seven Nights in a Rogue’s Bed is still my favorite in the series, but this one probably comes in second place.

Rating: B

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What a Duke Dares
by Anna Campbell
Release Date: August 26, 2014
Publisher: Forever


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  1. Thanks for hosting me and for the review, Jen! Glad you enjoyed Duke!

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