Review: Black Water by Faith Hunter

black waterReviewed by Jen

This anthology is a collection of two new and one previously published Jane Yellowrock stories. One of the new ones is really short. Here’s a breakdown:

Black Water – This is one of the two longer novellas. It’s set just after the events of “Beneath a Bloody Moon,” a short story in the Jane Yellowrock World Companion (before the beginning of Black Arts.)  And it was previously released in audio.

Jane is on her way back home after her job is done hunting a werewolf pack in that story, when she learns that the job is not quite done.  It seems a werewolf has broken out of prison and he is looking for payback for Jane’s role in the death of his sister.  Jane returns to the small town she had just left behind to deal with the aftermath.  You see, the man has kidnapped two young women –and he has targeted Rick’s family members in his search for Jane.

Jane teams up with Serge, an off the grid werewolf and sets out to give the man the confrontation he’s been searching for.  It was an all-action story. And it faithfully maintained the tone of the full length books, from Jane’s internal dialogue with Beast, to her growing familial ties with Eli and the Kid, to her annoying and self-destructive pseudo-relationship with Ricky Bo.  The man was only a voice on the phone and I was still able to hate him.

There is never much doubt that Jane will save the day, but that makes it no less fun watching her do it.

Snafu – This story is significantly shorter. It is just a glimpse of Jane as she begins her PI internship. It’s interesting to see her as a young woman. She is excited about starting a new chapter of her life. But she is still tough as nails and sharp as a tack.

Off the Grid – Set after the events of Black Arts, here Jane is in North Carolina, to help a vampire clan at Leo’s behest. A perverted religious cult has kidnapped one of their Mithrans and Jane is tasked to get her back.  During her mission, she meets a special woman who escaped from the cult and may be able to help.  The story is pretty good, but I felt like it was more of a vehicle to introduce us to Nell, who will be the main character in Faith Hunter’s next series.  Maybe Rick will move permanently to those books. One can only hope.

Overall, I enjoyed the collection, but I felt like it was pretty short. It also included a preview for Broken Soul, which will no doubt leave readers excited for the next installment.

Rating: B

*ARC Provided by publisher for review

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Black Water
by Faith Hunter
Release Date: September 16, 2014
Publisher: Intermix


  1. Another great review. Are you flirting with writing your own series?

  2. Great review. You’ve definitely sold me on this book

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