Review: Broken Soul by Faith Hunter

broken soulReviewed by Jen

I am so, so satisfied by this book.  The Jane Yellowrock series never fails when it comes to action, worldbuilding and plot.  But in the romance department, it has been a hot mess.  I am beyond happy to report that in this installment breaks the mold, turning what was a series weakness into an asset. That’s right: not only does the romance progress, it happens in spectacular fashion.  So when you put that together with all the other great stuff, I can’t imagine that any fan will be unhappy with this book.

As the story begins, Jane is trying to prepare Leo’s cadre of vampires for a special visit from the European vamps.  That means Leo’s HQ needs to be rebuilt and his security needs to be upgraded to beyond top notch.  That would be a tall enough order, but there are other problems afoot.  Someone is stalking Jane… She keeps getting attacked…  There is something very wrong hiding in the basement… And that’s not even counting the rainbow colored light dragon.

Jane has to learn a lot in a very short period of time.  We learn with her as she uncovers more backstory on vampire history.  It’s like a wonderfully complex puzzle as each new clue is revealed.  The writing is smart, the action is pulse pounding, and the pacing kept me glued to the page.  I never got bored.  That’s also, in part, thanks to the network of Jane’s emotional connections. Molly is absent from this installment, but this book really shows how much Jane has grown emotionally.  I love her relationship with Eli and the Kid — how she has created a family for the first time in her life. I love how the realization dawns that she finally has a home, that she has roots.

Her relationship with Beast is also evolving, which is its own significant thread.  The tie between these two has changed much over the series, but as it grows stronger here, it brings major changes for who/ what Jane is. This was totally unexpected, but I loved it. I think it’s awesome that Faith Hunter is treading new ground with Jane’s personal mythology.

And then there is Bruiser.  We have suffered through countless bouts of misery with Rick LeFleur and finally we have made it through to the other side.  It’s not perfect.  Jane hasn’t totally let go of her mooning over a man who clearly never deserved her.  In every book, I hate Rick more, and this book is no exception. But he has moved from “sorta-boyfriend” to “ex-boyfriend.” Plus, Bruiser is finally ready to make his move and, boy, did he do it well. I won’t spoil it, but I will say that I am very, very pleased.

Like I said, I think is going to be a winner with fans.  It’s fast paced, action-packed, with great world-building, mythology and heart. I can’t wait for the next one.

Rating: A-/B+

*ARC Provided by Roc

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Broken Soul
by Faith Hunter
Release Date: October 7, 2014
Publisher: Roc


  1. I just responded to your sneak peak review, and I honestly did not see this one first…….Why we care about that is because every item that I asked for seems to have come to the fore, according to your spot-on review above. So now I am super crazed to read the book as it looks to satisfy.

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