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hold stillReviewed by Jaimie

Hold Still, the latest novel from author Lisa Regan, is really more of a thriller than a romantic suspense story, but it was great nonetheless.  There is some romance but it is very secondary to the storyline and the sex scenes are minimal.  The book was fast-paced, well written and full of twists and turns.  There are some difficult topics such as rape, torture, prostitution and drug abuse so if these are topics you are not comfortable with, you will want to skip this one.

Detective Jocelyn Rush thought she had seen the worst that humanity had to offer.  When she winds up in the emergency room after saving her three year old daughter from a carjacking, she runs in to Anita, a former prostitute who is the victim of an unspeakable crime.  Despite the fact that she is not a member of the Special Victim’s Unit, Jocelyn becomes invested in solving these crimes.  It is not long before the attacks hit close to home, and she is forced to confront an ugly family secret if she wants to break this case.

When she was just a teenager, Jocelyn witnessed the gang rape of her sister Camille.  Shortly after, she was involved in a horrific car accident and is unable to remember all the details of what she saw.  After her family covered the crime up, Jocelyn and her sister went down very different paths in life.  As she races to catch the men who are responsible for the brutal attacks, she must consider if the answer lays somewhere in the past.

One thing I really enjoyed about this story was the number of strong female characters.  Jocelyn turned her back on her family because she could not accept the way they handled her sister’s attack, and now lives for her daughter and her job.  She has issues for sure, but she is still a kick-ass woman.  Anita, the woman who is attacked early in the book, has had a difficult life herself.  She had cleaned herself up, kicked her drug habit and was doing the best she could to take care of her kids and her sick mother.  Even after her assault she remains dedicated to providing a good life for her kids rather than wallowing in self pity.  Jocelyn’s co-worker Inez is another bad-ass and the friendship between the two is one of the highlights for me.  In a less obvious way, Camille is also a strong woman who has been through a lot.  She has made a lot of bad decisions no doubt, but she keeps going instead of giving up.

Overall I really enjoyed this book.  It was my first time reading Ms. Regan but I will definitely check out more of her work.

Rating: B+

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Hold Still
by Lisa Regan
Release Date: March 25, 2014


  1. I enjoyed this book.

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