Review: Misadventures in Seduction by Robyn DeHart

misadventures in seductionReviewed by Shelly

This is by far my favorite installment in this series. The 3rd novella tells the story of spinster Prudence Hixsby, who as the oldest must care for her 5 younger siblings after the death of their parents. In order to save her oldest brother from going off to war, Prudence strikes a bargain with an old acquaintance. The bargain is this – if she has sex with the old lecher, I mean acquaintance, then he’ll save her brother from going off to serve and instead he’ll be stationed stateside. The only thing is that Prudence isn’t really the queen of seduction so she doesn’t get the particulars, like what bedroom, and unknowingly ends up in bed with Harrison Carlisle, Duke of Sutcliffe. Harrison and Prudence have a civil relationship – they exchange pleasantries and ‘how do you do’s’ but that’s as far as they take it until that one fateful night.

It’s 4 years later when their story together picks up. Prudence’s brother, Johnston, has been killed in action and Prudence isn’t going away without a fight. She’s determined to know who killed her brother; Harrison has his own problems with the Seven but Remy, Emma and even that self-described loner, Alistair are there to help him along with way. Remy and Emma pay an integral in the action, which was much more than I anticipated. It’s a funny thing – once I got a little bit of action, I wanted more and then got a little disappointed when the story ended.

I liked Prudence. I always associate no nonsense women with that name and she lived up to that. She had her family to take care of and that was a constant – she didn’t accidentally forget them while she was with Harrison or any such stupidity. She was not of the upper class nor did she aspire to be. She wholehearted accepted her spinsterhood; she even realized that for someone like the Duke, she doesn’t make a suitable wife – but a girl can still hope, right?

Harrison on the other hand – it took a while for him to grow on me. I wasn’t sure what his intentions were and I wasn’t sure that he would have Prudence’s best interests at heart. Between serving king and country, Harrison’s angst about having a family and not putting them in danger was believable so it was hard for me to not understand him. His friendship with Remy was touched on, but there wasn’t much interaction between the two – it’s a novella after all.

The chemistry between Harrison and Prudence was good and fun. DeHart is one of the few people I know that can write a satisfying, sexy, and steamy novella and she does it again in this one. If you’ve not picked up Book 1 or 2, this can be read as a stand-alone.

Happy Reading folks!

Rating: B

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Misadventures in Seduction
by Robyn DeHart
Release Date: September 8, 2014
Publisher: Entangled

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