Review: Rock Addiction by Nalini Singh

rock addictionReviewed by Carrie

I love Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter paranormal series, so when this book came up for review, it was a no brainer for me.  A hot rock star contemporary romance series from a trusted author should be an automatic win?  I think I am (or will be) in the minority, but none of it worked for me.  Although it is not classified as such, this book has all the trappings (and clichés) of the New Adult genre.

Molly is a quiet 24 year old librarian who, one night, finds herself backstage with one of the biggest rock groups in the world at the behest of the band’s publicist, her half-sister.  Fox is the leader of the band and as soon as he sees Molly, he wants her.  Used to getting what he wants, Fox goes straight after her.  Molly has no idea what a guy like him would see in a girl like her but figures this is her *one* chance, so she agrees to a one night stand.  The sex is soul shattering for both of them.  Snap your fingers and they are in love, but Molly has big issues from her past.  Fox is determined to make her his, so he proposes they have a one month fling while the band stays in New Zealand. Molly spends the entire time worried about how broken she’ll be when he leaves.  Fox knows he has a mountain to overcome for the lady he wants, and he admirably keeps at it until they reach their HEA.

It was totally my fault that I didn’t read the blurb carefully enough to see that the heroine was a total Mary Sue.  Sorry folks, but, in a contemporary romance, you have to come at the simpering virginal heroine from a unique perspective to get me to buy into the character.  Molly was a stereotypical character from start to finish and just wasn’t interesting to read. The Bad Stuff that happened in the past could’ve been an interesting twist but it only served as a plot point and not development.

Fox was a slightly better character.  Yes, he behaved liked a typical rock star at first by just wanting Molly for a quick lay.  Once he realized that she was the person he wanted 4-eva he changed his behavior in the blink of an eye.  He was upfront (for the most part), didn’t play around and was generally supportive of Molly.  I really could have done without him using her name in every freaking sentence.

My biggest problem with the story was the sex. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the sexy times and Singh can write the hell out of a scene, but I feel like it should always be moving the story forward.  This just felt like Molly and Fox had nothing else to do or talk about except to just peeling off the clothes and getting down.  That’s a booty call, not a relationship.

By then end, I was more interested in the side characters than I was Molly and Fox. I might give the next books a try because the relationships sound promising, but it won’t be at the top of my TBR.

Grade: C-/D+

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Rock Addiction
by Nalini Singh
Release Date: September 9, 2014


  1. I think your review is spot on for me! I really loved both Guild Hunter and Psy series but this left me a bit meh.
    Happy that Fox and Molly got it on and on and on and on and ….. But where was the rest of the story? The reason the other series work so well is that there is actually a bigger story thread that seems missing here. Maybe the next books in the series will get there… Hope so. Not willing to give up just yet.

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