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scarredReviewed by Shelly

After reading the companion novella (about 10 pages on my iPad – Kindle) I was intrigued enough to read this full length story. “Scarred: Thane’s Story,” the novella, centered on an evening in the life of Thane; his inner turmoil about M leaving him, then his leaving the place where they grew up because he couldn’t be there without her. I was intrigued about his guilt about sleeping with women who were not M and trying to drown those actions with alcohol. This is a tortured soul, I thought, and I really wanted to find out the backstory to how this firefighter came to lose the one he loves. Those few pages captured my attention so much that I immediately started reading the full story in Scarred.

What a difference another book makes. Thane’s returned to his hometown after a career ending injury. He’s living with his parents and working for Mackenzie’s grandmother, Loretta, as a ranch hand. Mackenzie is back in the town she’s hated all of her life – with her tail between her legs. She went to the big city, New York, and discovered that she wasn’t the city girl she thought she wanted to be. So after 5 years on her own she’s back in town to work at the local paper.

There was no direction for Mackenzie. Her thoughts and her actions would sway with the breeze. Her first day back she has sex with Thane in the bed of his pick-up truck (keep it classy.) Then by the end of the week, she’s on a date with another man she meets when Thane takes her to the place where they’re selling their sheep. That’s not to say that she and Thane are over, that’s just to say that she’s ‘fed’ up with Thane. After 1 week – she’s fed up. One of my biggest problems with Mackenzie was that she acted as if Thane was new relationship. These two went out in high school and lived in the same town. I’m still trying to figure out where the newness came in. Even the town, I saw no signs of memories in Mackenzie. Everything including the nearby small towns were new.

And if I expected the same Thane from the novella, shame on me, because the Thane in this story is a complete and total jerk who I had zero affection for. For a story that’s title ‘Scarred’ you would expect the focus to be on maybe the person who is scarred. Instead the story is focused on the ever changing Mackenzie. And even worse than that, the story itself needs so much editing – it read as a first draft. Thane came across as a brooding Neanderthal. One of the most ridiculous lines he says to Mackenzie, taking her to his favorite restaurant where he would pick up women is, “you know everything there is know about who I am. I ain’t changing… I’m not going to apologize for who I am.” Sounds like guilt to me because Mackenzie certainly didn’t ask him to change even after one of his previous sexual encounters made a scene in the restaurant.

On her return to the farm, Mackenzie discovers her grandmother’s health diagnosis and decides that she has to spend more time with her. Mackenzie does everything but spend time with her grandmother. By the time I finished reading and I had to stop at 80%, I couldn’t do it any more with the introduction of a new piece of story line. I just couldn’t stand either Mackenzie or Thane anymore and could give a rats ‘you know what’ about what happened to them. Last, the idea that this is a BBW is a joke to me. Mackenzie’s referenced her weight 3 times in the story (before I stopped reading) and is very defensive of her bigger size and for me being defensive always come across as being angry like it’s someone else’s fault. Why not accept the weight or just create some angst around it then build a bridge and get over it? Which is what I did and stopped reading.

Happy Reading folks!

Rating: D/F

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by Kaylee Song
Release Date: August 14, 2014

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