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unsettledReviewed by Shelly

Had I known this is a part 1 in the story of Brooklyn Caldwell and Logan Colton, I probably wouldn’t have read it, but I didn’t… so I did. S.C. Ellington is a new to me author and although I liked the story well enough, I have a little point I have to make before I go on. I don’t give a rats behind about the name brand on clothes, cars, etc. In fact, telling me that the shoes are Sam Edelman’s instead of just black strappy heels just removes me from the flow. I don’t need to know that the SUV you’re driving is a Range Rover – just tell me it’s an SUV. Repeatedly telling me brands places too much emphasis on the material items on not enough on the characters and the situation they’re in. I think authors who do that are actually limiting themselves, because unless you’re going to have multiple versions of the same book, there are people in this great world of ours who will have no idea what those brands equate to. I’ve read this in a few other stories, usually when the characters are early to mid-20s. I didn’t like it then and I still don’t like it. But I digress.

Twenty-four year old Brooklyn Caldwell moved across the country, from CA to DC, to get away from Damon Williams, the boy who broke her heart. She’s living with her best friend, Alex and Alex’s boyfriend Jay, while working as a lowly assistant to the ‘world’s worse boss’. She’s got a great friend in Alex who has some deep seated issues of her own. Maybe this is a sign of my age, but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how these two young ladies have had so many problems all because of the men they chose to go out with. That really threw me for a stump.

Twenty-seven year old Logan Colton is an entrepreneur and the CEO of a multi-million dollar company. After an impromptu meeting, where she questions Logan’s identity, Brooklyn discovers that he’s a potential client of her employer. Logan’s company is looking for a new marketing firm and Brooklyn’s employer is trying to win the bid. After an explicit warning from her boss about not fraternizing with this particular client, Brooklyn decides to go on a date with Logan (he’s very much the pursuer). There’s a lot of back and forth between Brooklyn, Alex and Danielle (Brooklyn’s sister) about should she or shouldn’t she pursue something with Logan. That part made me start to like Brooklyn because she really questioned herself about wanting to go out with Logan for the right reasons. She wasn’t willing to date anyone with the intent of it being a onetime thing and that was refreshing to not see the couple jumping into bed after the first date because, let’s face it – sometimes they don’t even get to the date.

I liked Brooklyn well enough. I had some trouble with the years prior to when the story picked up, especially about her relationship with Damon. Every relationship has two sides and the only side that we heard was Brooklyn’s, which was understandable as this is her story, but I did have a bit of trouble rationalizing that the entire downfall of that 4 year relationship was Damon’s doing. Yep, he’s a jerk and a cheater but Brooklyn dated him for all those years and was still surprised about this actions – I’m not buying that.

Her current relationship with Logan had great pacing, even the sex was good. I got to see them falling for each other. I got to see Brooklyn doing things for Logan that was outside of her comfort zone. Her relationship with Alex continued and I got to see them still hanging out together. A lot of romances will focus so much on the main couple they forget that readers like to see well-rounded characters who are able to maintain lives and friendships outside of the ‘love interest’ piece.

Unfortunately, I didn’t learn a lot about Logan in this story. He gave Brooklyn bits and pieces of himself and he really came off as having two lives. I’m not sure why he needed to have a security detail, there was no visible threat of danger and he’s wasn’t that rich to even seem to need one – so I questioned what else is going on. Unless going to Cornell automatically makes you an entrepreneur who can amass great wealth in a short amount of time, I’m not convinced that someone as young as Logan had the responsibility and foresight to amass the fortune and fame that he did. Maybe the pieces of himself that he didn’t tell Brooklyn about would explain that, but I don’t know. Maybe all that’ll be explained in Book #2 but I’m not sure. Maybe, maybe, maybe…

Had it not been for the unanswered questions left when I got to the end of this book which didn’t even include an HFN, I would have gladly given this book a higher rating. .

Happy Reading folks!

Rating: B-

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by S.C. Ellington
Release Date: December 10, 2013

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