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dream dateReviewed by Shelly

My first read from this new to me author was a long one – 300+ pages filled with a whole lotta sex and a good enough story; or maybe the story was enough but the plethora of sexual activities between Kate and Jason was…well a lot.

Kate Nichols is an erotic romance writer, she 24 years old and lives the life of a recluse. Why? I’m not sure, personal preference I guess because I didn’t find that she had anything in her background that would make her (more than anyone else) a loner. Her best friend and book agent, Claire, tells Kate of an auction to benefit the homeless. How much of the money was actually going to the homeless I’m not sure (does it even matter here?) but what I’m sure of is that Kate is an environmentalist who instead of working with the big bad petroleum company after college, chooses writing instead. It helped that she was financially okay because of some inheritance after both of her parents and grandparents died; she didn’t have the typical student loan albatross.

The prize for the auction is a date with musician Jason Grey, who Kate has had a crush on for years, at least since high school. After finding herself as the lucky recipient of the raffle, Kate and Jason embark on their date. Kate is a nervous wreck in the limo so she imbibes a bit from the stock bar, then she gets to the restaurant and is still a bit nervous so she drinks a bit more. Jason’s not helping the situation either because he’s clearly attracted to Kate and wants to ‘show her a good time’ so he’s drinking and feeding her the alcohol.

You might think I’m being picky, but bear with me. After sharing 4 bottles of wine, the couple leaves the restaurant and BAM have sex in the back of the limo while the driver drives them around. Kate swears that her judgment has not been impaired and Jason is typical in that it’s available oh, and of course she’s pretty and sexy. If you’ve read any of my other reviews, you’ll know that I dislike stories that begin on this premise – this to me isn’t romance, erotic yes, romance no.

I’ll start with what I liked about Kate. I liked that she seemed to have an old soul. You know, when you meet someone young and their mannerisms and eyes exude a certain maturity that is well beyond their years? To me, that’s Kate. Her physical reaction to Jason was almost primal – they’re a few sexual scenes that made me wide-eyed. Her relationship with Claire threw me for a loop because she describes Claire as her best friend, but didn’t share anything of her relationship with Jason and that made me question what else Kate had not shared with her so called best friend. So their interactions came off as really forced to me. Kate just really seemed snobbish with both Claire and to a certain extent Marcus. Maybe I was expecting her to be a bit more youthful versus this stern young woman didn’t need anyone’s help.

Around the same age as Kate, Jason’s sowed his wild oats with the groupies. His last relationship ended when his fiancée left him for another man and Jason’s been just coasting along for the most part for the past year and a half. When he meets Kate, he’s interested but doesn’t tell her until he shows up at her door one day after their dream date. I wanted to like Jason because I wasn’t liking Kate, but I just couldn’t find the thing that make him stand out as a likable guy. His friends were nice but his friends are in the band, so they’re gotta like him, and I didn’t feel the long friendship vibe between them.

There’s a plot line with a reporter that I wanted to be taken much further because those can be such fun. Overall, I didn’t like the sex after about the 3rd time so I just started skipping pages to avoid them; the story between Jason and Kate was good but I didn’t feel anything for them. I’ll read book 2, Claire’s story and see if the romance in that is more to my cuppa tea.

Happy Reading folks!

Rating: C

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Dream Date
by Bea LaRocca
Release Date: August 28, 2013
Publisher: Siren

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