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only for youReviewed by Shelly

I got to this story a little bit backwards. I wanted to read the 3rd book (Temper for You) in Genna Rulon’s ‘For You’ series but after reading the blurb for this one I decided to start at the beginning. Based on Long Island, this is a romance between college seniors Everleigh Carsen and Hunter Charles. In their last semester at Hensley University, Everleigh and her best friend, Samantha Whitney are on a mission to finish college and move on with their lives. Everleigh’s got a plan for her future and a job to start immediately after graduation. Unfortunately for Everleigh, life doesn’t care about her plans and neither does the criminal who’s assaulting and raping the women of Hensley University. In an effort to empower the women, the powers that be at the University decide to offer free self-defense classes. Enter Hunter Charles, instructor extraordinaire who promptly decides that his class is neither the time nor place for Everleigh’s sarcasm and quickly dismisses her.

This is my first story by this author and I like her writing. The character development, pacing, suspense (I was surprised about a few things) and most of all I really liked the natural feeling to the dialogue. The only complaint I have is that I thought some of the speech was a bit too formal – I like contractions because that’s the way most of us speak.

Told in first person, everything is through Everleigh’s eyes. Although I like Everleigh, I find that single POV to be limiting and I did find that in this case also, but she was interesting enough to keep my attention all the way through. Having lost her mother during her younger years, Everleigh was lucky. Instead of entering a foster care situation, Samantha became her champion when it was time to find a place to live. Then when it’s time to head off to college, these two friends decided to conquer the world and college together. This is a touching story about the power of friendship, yes there’s romance in there too for Everleigh and Hunter, but the girls’ friendship was an integral part of the storyline. Their banter was funny and born from years of knowing each other, knowing what to take seriously and more importantly what not to.

Everleigh’s a book-smart girl with a decent head on her shoulders. I did think that her friendship with Hunter grew fast, though.  He’s her best friend after a few weeks of friendship. Maybe it’s a sign of my age, especially when compared to the age of these characters, but it was a quick turn from he’s hot but not interested in me, to friendship, to finally love interest. There were some moments where I gave Everleigh the stink-eye for her expectations of Hunter, especially when he would tell her what he can and can’t d,o and she would basically ignore that in favor of what she wanted. Fortunately in the end, it did make for interesting reading.

As Hunter was shown through the eyes of Everleigh, I’m not sure how I felt about him. He seemed like a nice guy, but for me it’s hard when I have to wade through Everleigh’s thoughts. I will say that the way he handled some of the minor threats facing Everleigh was pretty cool. He was alpha when he needed to be. I do think it would have made for more fun if he had some friends – that would have brought out his character a tad more – but alas, that was not to be. For being the new guy on campus and someone that she’s not familiar with and with the campus crime spree simultaneously taking place – it was surprising to me that Everleigh’s suspicions weren’t heightened earlier. She was a sweet girl, but she came off pretty naïve in that respect and some of her credibility was lost, but not enough to make me lose interest.

The most enjoyment I had wasn’t even between the H/h, but after tragedy struck. The pace picked up a lot, new characters were introduced and all of a sudden Everleigh’s world became significantly bigger but quite focused. There’s something to be said about adding tragedy to a story and Rulon did a good job with the imagery. If you’re interested in a quick, fun, thought-provoking yet sexy read – give this a try.

I’m really looking forward to Book 2 for Samantha’s story. Hopefully, I’ll need a box of tissues because I expect big drama.

Happy Reading folks!

Rating: B

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Only For You
by Genna Rulon
Release Date: September 24, 2013


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