Review: An Imperfect Match by Bea LaRocca

imperfect matchReviewed by Shelly

The second in Bea LaRocca ‘Dare to Dream’ series picks up directly after book 1. You might be able to read it as a stand-alone, but there were conversations from book 1 that were referenced and that might make it a tad confusing.

Literary agent Claire Brady’s dad asks her to visit potential new client, Zachary Golden. Zach’s publishing company has been purchased by Premier Publishing – the company that Claire’s father owns and who publishes the majority of Claire’s clients. The thing is that Zach is the poster child for a recluse. He lives in the mountains and has very little contact with anyone. After Claire gets stuck during a snow storm in Zach’s cabin things heat up very quickly between these two over the next couple of days.

I wanted to like these two more than I liked the H/h in book 1. As a matter of fact I know I was supposed to, but it’s really hard for me to be on team Claire or team Zach when they jump in the sack so quickly and then want to act hesitant and shy.

There are certain things I still enjoy in a book and it starts with a well told story. This might be that, but I couldn’t for the life of me like either Claire or Zach, not even Zach’s dog – Ji:hah. But I don’t really care for any story where the content is sex, sex and some character development. It’s hard enough to build a romance with polar opposites but then you add in the wham bam factor, I needed a lot of convincing that these two should be together. I wasn’t convinced that Claire and Zach made a good couple, but then, I didn’t enjoy the plot lines either.

As with the first story, there are a lot of pages so there’s a lot of room for story telling and like the first story there’s so much superfluous information that it made the story seem choppy and slow – even (especially) in the sex parts. I don’t care about too many details; I care more about the emotions of the parties involved in the scene. Just tell me it’s done, I’ll believe you. Both Claire and Zach had many moments of unconvincing angst – always after finding something that the other has done or some personality trait about the other person – and yes, it was usually after their frequent bouts of coitus; after a while it got silly because it was predictable.

Like I said, I wanted to like Claire but there were things about her that didn’t click with me. Although Claire and her dad were close, the conversations between them seemed stilted and uncomfortable. Then there’s Claire and Marcus, it seemed that Claire couldn’t say anything without Marcus reminding this reader that he’s gay and only likes male parts. Yeah, I got that after the first half a dozen times. And Kate is the poorest excuse for a best friend, ever! She and Marcus are talking about Claire missing Zach and Marcus asks Kate to talk to Claire, this is Kate’s response “I can try. But you know that I’m really not comfortable prying into people’s personal business, especially when it concerns their intimate relationships”. Say what?! Claire’s not people – she’s your best friend!

After about the half way point, the plot slowed and it was a struggle for me to even get there. I found myself skipping a lot of the sex scenes because they’re were repetitive from book 1. By the way – when did anal become the in thing? I need to back track for just a second, this early conversations between Claire and Zach almost made me put this book down – after one of the times Zach and Claire have sex, somehow Claire starts talking about work and the troubles she’s having Zach tells her – maybe she shouldn’t be telling him this as he’s a prospective client. Folks, after my eye roll I could only continue on to see what Claire said and did, but all I could thing of was that Claire deserved that for dipping her wick in the company ink.

I didn’t forget about Zach with his dark and delicious looks thanks to his Iroquois and French ancestors. And what hero would be complete without his multi language abilities? Although he’s no polyglot, Zach had so much potential to be a likable hero but he just came off as pompous and a real douche.

There’s a new character in this story – Nick, the lawyer who joined Claire’s company. His and Marcus’s story are up next in the series.

Happy Reading folks!

Rating: C-/D+

*Book provided by author for review

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An Imperfect Match
by Bea LaRocca
Release Date: January 15, 2014
Publisher: Siren

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