Review: Archangel’s Shadows by Nalini Singh

archangels shadowsReviewed by Jen

It feels like we have been waiting forever for Janvier and Ashwini’s story –and I am happy to say it was absolutely worth the wait. All the teasing, the flirting… the anticipation… pay off here as these two finally face what has been brewing between them all this time.  Add to that, pieces of the larger Guild Hunter story and a more in depth look at some of the supporting characters, and I just can’t imagine this won’t be a hit for fans of the series.

The story picks up right on the heels of Archangel’s Legion and we can really see how strong the bond has grown among Janvier, Ash, and Naasir.  They had been working as a team to assist Raphael, and Ash was badly injured in the process.  In the wake of her recovery, she finds herself less and less able to deny her feelings for the man she has chased, battled, and verbally sparred with all of these years.  This is driven home even more as the two of them work together again to figure out who is draining women down to the husk –and treating them like trash.

It’s a pretty good mystery, but it’s really more of a platform for the human angle of the book. Poor Ash has a terrible secret that we learn is the real reason she has kept Janvier at arm’s length. I absolutely loved watching her reveal herself to him, and to the readers at the same time.  She is so wonderfully strong and so sure she is damned.  That Janvier’s love for her is so true and unwavering is such a joy to read. The sexual tension is top notch, but beyond that, I really believed in this love story and rooted for these characters the entire way.  I can’t even decide which character I loved more. Both were so fleshed out and complimented the other so well.

We also get to spend some time with Raphael and Elena, but unlike in Dimitri’s book, I didn’t find that it overpowered the central romance. I liked getting a closer look at the Legion. But even more, I loved, LOVED getting to know Naasir. I have never been terribly interested in his character. But now, I am all about him getting a book. I want more of him. Immediately.

This book wasn’t as big as the last one in the series, but I found it very satisfying.  Now I am just sad that I have to wait a year for the next one.

Rating: A-

*ARC provided by publisher for review

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Archangel’s Shadows
by Nalini Singh
Release Date: October 28, 2014
Publisher: Berkley

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