Review: Over the Line by Emmy Curtis

over the lineReviewed by Carrie

I enjoyed the prequel novella to this series this past August. I was happy to have another military/romantic suspense series to follow because there just aren’t a lot out there. I felt the author’s strength was in suspense storyline and I was looking forward to more of that. Unfortunately, there was very little suspense.

Air Force Specialist James Walker always had a thing for Special Forces Sargent Beth Garcia, but didn’t expect the way he’d get to see her panties would be because of a road side bomb injury.  Then, his only desire was to make sure she’d stayed alive to the landing zone and safety.  A year later, Beth is finally healed and cleared for active duty when she runs into James.  James jumps at the chance to ask Beth out now they were both stateside and the no-fraternization rules don’t apply.  He knows the solider is usually all business, so to play it safe, he asks if she’d like to go rock climbing for a weekend.

Beth never forgot the sexy airman who saved her life.  Even though she doesn’t do relationships, she finds it hard to deny James anything… which is how she finds herself heading to his family’s home for the weekend to attend his sister’s wedding as his fake fiancée.  Beth is a good sport about everything until she learns that James’ father is Director of the CIA – the man that holds the key to her future in security protection detail.  In the meantime, James’ sisters have been threatened and Beth and James have to work together to solve who is behind the emails while trying to manage the growing sexual tension between them. Sounds like a lot, right? It totally was. It was all over the place and couldn’t decide what kind of book it wanted to be.

I wanted to love Beth and, by all accounts, I should have but I never got to know her. James was a bit more understandable because all the side characters were his family and/or friends.  The tension that started so strong with Beth and James in Afghanistan fizzled by the end because their relationship wasn’t developed.

Plot lines were picked up and dropped in a page or two and lost any kind of rhythm to the story.  The suspense plot felt like a complete afterthought. I struggled to finish the last twenty percent of the book because I was tired of getting whiplash.  I don’t know why this book was such a departure from what the author was building on.  I hope it was just an aberration because I’d love to continue to read what she started in Dangerous Territory.

Rating: C-

*ARC provided by Forever (Grand Central)

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Over the Line
by Emmy Curtis
Release Date: October 7, 2014
Publisher: Forever

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