Review: Riding Dirty by Jill Sorenson

riding dirtyReviewed by Carrie

There was lots of buzz going around about this book and when the blurb mentioned “motorcycle”, I threw my fingers at the keyboard and emailed asking for a review copy.  This doesn’t follow the typical MC book structure in that there is very little interaction with the hero’s club.  On the flip side, there is violence and plenty of hot hot sex.

It was an ordinary day when Michelle Ruiz came home to find her husband tied up with three masked men rifling through their wall safe.  Attempting to flee, she is caught and assaulted by one of the intruders. By some stroke of luck, she is able to survive his attempt to suffocate her with a pillow.  Still, Michelle Ruiz died with her husband that night.  Three years later, after undergoing a complete identity makeover courtesy of witness protection, Mia Richards is ready to finally get her revenge.

Cole “Shank” Shepherd is caught between a rock and a hard place. He barely survived an attack in prison and wouldn’t likely live through the next one.  Cole makes a deal with DA investigator Vargas to rat on his Dirty Eleven MC club president, who also happens to be his Uncle, because he has better defenses on the outside. Wear an ankle monitor and have weekly sessions with a hot psychologist is a small price to pay to be out of prison.

Mia’s plan was simple – to seduce Cole Shepard and get him to kill the persons responsible for her husband’s death.  It was Vargas that informed Mia that the Dirty Eleven’s rival club, White Lightening, was responsible for the home invasions.  Mia thought she could prey on Cole’s natural violent tendencies and his proven readiness to defend women.  Her plans unravel and are quickly discarded when Cole and Mia give into their heady attraction.   Cole doesn’t care much how Mia ended up with him.  He’s too busy trying to walk the line between Vargas, his Uncle and other crews that are all out to get him.  Soon enough, events catch up to the couple and they have to fight for the life they want, even if it is the one they never imagined.

This story is dark and has an overall somber tone to it.  Jill Sorenson doesn’t sugarcoat these characters.  Mia is a broken woman who is lost and haunted by the past.  Cole is a product of two junkies and was raised in poverty. There is an air of resignation and sad acceptance that permeates his character.  When Cole and Mia get together, they operate on a raw and primitive level and that may be why the sex is wickedly hot.  There is one M/F/F hotel scene that might have overheated my kindle.  The emotional aspect of their relationship is mainly viewed through cracks as their lives begin to shift.

The suspense is well done and had me eagerly flipping pages but I will have to say there was a fair amount of WTFery in the overall plot.  If you just go where it takes you and don’t think about it too much, you’ll find it more enjoyable.  This was my first book by Sorenson, but not the last. I’m eager to read where she takes this series.

Rating: B

*ARC provided by Harlequin

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Riding Dirty
by Jill Sorenson
Release Date: October 1, 2014
Publisher: Harelequin

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