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ruining mr perfectReviewed by Shelly

Can two pretty people actually see past their aesthetically perfect bodies to get to the heart of each other? The 3rd book in the McCauley Brothers series is about the pretty brother, Cameron, and the pretty roommate, Vanessa Campbell. I was really looking forward to this story. Both Cameron and Vanessa were interesting enough characters in the other installments and, of course, like a train wreck I wanted to see how the relationship between these two would play out without the mention their gym perfect bodies. Once I got past the fact that this story was going to be about 2 blue-eyed perfect beauties, I started to enjoy the story for what it was.

While you could read this as a standalone, you’ll have more enjoyment if you read the other books because all of the characters are recurring and the further the series goes on the more you get the know them. If you read Book 2, there’s a storyline that was developing between Beth and James, the parents of the McCauley clan which is picked up in this one. I don’t read a lot of romances about couples who’ve been married for a great length of time, much less who have grown children; I wanted more of that. The angst and insecurity that develop over time made for good reading.

The youngest of the McCauley brothers, Cameron, has always seen himself as an outsider. He’s got a bit of the ‘my daddy didn’t love me’ syndrome so a lot of his issues and hostility he has are for his father. Even with that cliché, there were moments when I actually liked Cameron, mostly the scenes between him and his family. Don’t get me wrong there were some moments between  Vanessa and him that I enjoyed, but he’s pretty focused on her physical beauty and that’s just not something that I find interesting or fun to read about. The relationship he had with his oldest brother, Mike, was the typical big brother/little brother physical and verbal combat that I’ve come to expect from this series — which I liked because it made sense to me. There’s a scene that Cameron has Del babysitting Mike’s kid without his knowledge or approval. That made my eyeballs flutter, but hey this is fiction.

As the only roommate not in a relationship, Vanessa is all about work, working out and her five and ten year plan. She’s the ‘mean’ roommat. Addy (Book 2) and Maddie (Book 1) have allowed Vanessa’s preferences to dominate their household because they love her and pretty much put up with her idiosyncrasies. Plus I think there’s a bit of financial dependence in there too. Of the three roommates, Vanessa is my favorite. She’s the responsible one in the bunch. She’s not indecisive with anything, and she knows what she wants in life. Plus, like me, she’s a runner so what’s not to like? There was some things which I didn’t, but they were minute and didn’t sway me away from her. I was surprised about her unloving parents that I kept hearing about. I was sure that was going to go another direction, nice surprise when it didn’t.

The chemistry between Vanessa and Cameron was combustible and made for some fun reading. Even with the constant reminders of the perfection of these two and the unfettered adoration they had for each other’s hot bods, the author was still able to make me like the two. The ups and downs in their relationship kept the story at a nice even pace. While there’s nothing mysterious or suspenseful about these two, the story did keep my attention all the way through.

Mike’s story is up next and that’s the one that will most like present the biggest challenge for me because this popular trend of body modification through tattoos and piercing is not one that I find to be likable – but we’ll see.

Happy Reading folks!

Rating: B

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Ruining Mr. Perfect
by Marie Harte
Release Date: October 7, 2014
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

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