Review: Seventh Grave and No Body by Darynda Jones

seventh grave and no bodyReviewed by Jen

I worship at the altar of Darynda Jones. The Charley Davidson series is one that is guaranteed to make me laugh, keep me guessing, and light my fire, all at the same time. At a point when so may series would have faltered by now, gone stale, or jumped the shark, this seventh installment is just as irreverent, smart, sexy, and funny as ever.  Maybe even more so.  And it’s building toward something I never could have predicted back at the beginning.

As the story begins, Charley and Reyes are firmly engaged and expecting a baby. It would be so easy for things to get predictable and boring. But they don’t.  The 12 hellhounds from the prophecies are after Charley, and Reyes is determined to keep her and their daughter safe.  I love seeing the vulnerability this brings out in him.  Reyes has always been this all-powerful lethal sex god, but here we really see a new side to him.  He reveals new pieces of himself to Charley –and the readers– as he lets down some of his walls and struggles with his weakness in the face of the new threats.  Utterly swoonworthy.

Just like all the previous installments, this book is jammed packed with action and plot.  Charley is investigating a haunted house, some murders set up to look like suicides, some empty graves, a mass murder at an old campground, and the disappearance of her father. All while trying to quit coffee AND avoid those hellhounds.  The pace moves so quickly, you won’t want to put it down.

On top of all that: we’re getting more answers to the bigger questions in the series. New details about the prophecies are uncovered.  We learn more about the Dealer. And perhaps most importantly, Charley is achieving an entirely new level of power. She is finally becoming the amazingly powerful being that Reyes has known her to be all along.  It’s so cool.

As always, the book wraps up with a great climax and an omigod revelation in the very end that I never saw coming.  And a bonus –a Reyes POV epilogue. I loved. I can’t imagine other fans of the series won’t love it too.

Rating: A/A-

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Seventh Grave and No Body
by Darynda Jones
Release Date: October 21, 2014
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

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