Review: Wanting Forever by Diana Gardin

wanting foreverReviewed by Jen

This book was not what I hoped it would be. Based on the blurb, I expected an against-odds pairing between a down on his luck ranch hand and the beautiful boss’s daughter he thinks is out of his league. While I wouldn’t t call that completely off base, I wouldn’t say I was 100% right. The blurb leaves out some pertinent facts, like the fact Sam already has a girlfriend. Not only that, but they were childhood sweethearts AND he is on the run for helping her after she killed the abusive father who beat her for years.  Had I known all this, I would have been unlikely to have even picked this up because it’s hard for me to root for a cheater romance.

To be fair, Sam is not a cheater. But he is in a long distance relationship with another woman for half of the book.  And she is a pretty sympathetic character for all of that time. Until the author blows her up in the most predictable way possible.

The real heroine of the story is Ashton, who is entitled and somewhat emotionally martyred from her teenage family drama. I wasn’t a huge fan.  I felt like I was supposed to feel sorry for her, but she was mostly a brat. Yeah, it would suck to bust my mom having an affair, but as far as tortured pasts go, it’s pretty weak. She acts like an ice queen, so people treat her like an ice queen. Boo hoo.

And while I found Sam largely likeable, he dropped noticeably in my estimation for the way he behaved after his break up with the girlfriend.  Add that to Ashton’s behavior after she found out his big secret and I was left questioning why I wanted them together at all.  The people from Sam’s home life were irredeemable; Ashton’s boyfriend was a major tool; and the way Ashton’s dad treated Sam was beyond my ability to suspend disbelief.

Plus, Sam called Ashton “Princess.”  About 865 times. And I cringed for every single one of them.


Rating: C-

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Wanting Forever
by Diana Gardin
Release Date: October 7, 2014
Publisher: Forever

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