Review: Beyond Possession by Kit Rocha

beyond possessionReviewed by Carrie

Note: Though this novella is meant as a stand alone, I feel that the reader will be missing a great deal of information about the dystopian world it is set in.  However, those who have read at least one of the Beyond books can read the story at any time.

Tatiana Stone learned growing up as the daughter of the ruthless former leader of Sector Four that it’s best to try to be as small as you can.  Those lessons paid off later in life after her father was deposed and Tatiana had to claim a space of her own.  She’s managed to carve out an existence for herself as a sector merchant making soaps, salves and oils, and careful not to take any sides with any unrest.  Complicating matters is her sister’s relationship with a man from her father’s old guard that is currently stirring things up for the O’Kanes. Tatiana is getting burned out from constant vigilance and lonely because of her position, but one man takes away all of her weariness with his weekly visits.

Zan is still dragging around the guilt from Trix’s kidnapping, never mind that he almost died. His weekly visits to Tatiana’s store were first a matter of O’Kane business but it surpassed that a long time ago.  He wants Tatiana fiercely but knows that to push her would effectively end any relationship that might be.  Leave it to Dallas and Lex to sense that Zan might need a push and gets him to agree to bring Tatiana into the fold as a means to get to her sister’s man and stop a possible uprising.

Tatiana wants Zan so much but trust is a luxury in her world.  Any decision she makes has a larger ripple effect.  Zan is just wants to love and protect her but he knows it has to be on her terms.  The way he goes about it is terribly sweet and makes you just want to hug the big man.  Tatiana’s angst about trusting Zan and her fears for her sister are palpable and leave you really rooting for the both of them to succeed.  The sexy times are limited and pretty tame for this series but still bring enough heat.

The O’Kane gang is threaded through the story providing the backbone of their unique family structure.  I fall a little bit more in love Dallas and Lex with every book as their partnership continues to mature.

The overall plot was interesting and it’s always a treat to get a peek inside the sectors. Overall, I thought it was a rather sweet interlude for the series.  I can’t wait to get to Jared & Lily’s story next!

Rating: B-

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Beyond Possession
by Kit Rocha
Release Date: November 10, 2014


  1. I so love this series. Bought my copy today.

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