Review: Blamed by Edie Harris

blamedReviewed by Carrie

The blurb totally hooked me. A retired spy has to ally with another spy who just so happens to be her former lover. I was hoping for a little Mr. and Mrs. Smith love/hate. While there is an element of that, the story is much more.

For the last year, Beth Faraday finally has what she’s always wanted.  She’s a living a quiet life in Chicago working as a curator at the Art Institute, trying desperately to live a “normal” life.  However, checking for intruders and sweeping for bugs every time she returns to her home is standard protocol even though Beth is retired.  When you become an assassin at the young age of sixteen for the family business, old habits die hard.  Despite these minor inconveniences and being slightly estranged from her family, Beth is happy to be free of the emotional weight of her former profession.

The past is never far enough for someone trying to escape it and one winter night it comes crashing back.  A phone call from her brother, Casey, informing her of a hit taken out on her comes at the same time as Beth sees the flash of a gun across the street at her handsome neighbor’s place.  Worlds collide when the neighbor Beth rescues turns out to be Raleigh Vick, her former nemesis and one time lover who Beth thought died in a bomb blast that she was partially responsible for.

Still recovering from shock, Vick informs her that he was the one contracted to kill her.  Beth always knew that her past would come back to bite her.  He says he quit his employer when the word came to take Beth out, but there is no trust among spies. The enigmatic Faraday clan is there to back her up, but before they can get to her, she has to trust Vick to watch her back.  It’s a cloak and dagger suspense story with Beth and Vick trying to out maneuver assassins while revisiting their unique history.

Obviously, trust is the key component to the story. Vick and Beth’s relationship is told in a series of flashbacks.  It was a little skeevy to read that Vick started perving on Beth when she was only 16 and he was 22. Of course, he was a gentleman and waited until she was of age until engaging in anything sexual.  Vick was Beth’s one and only, so when they reunite, it’s really only her second time.  It was a bit odd that she was sexually knowledgeable for someone who had that little experience.

On the other hand, at times, Beth comes off a bit juvenile for someone who’s traveled the world and been trained as an assassin.  Vick is the real mystery. The man has many secrets and it was fascinating to watch them unfold.  Vick’s point of view let the reader know how much he really cared for Beth over the years.  I hope we get peeks of the couple down the road.

I love the whole premise of the book but what really stands out is the whole Faraday family. As with any start to a series, there’s a whole bunch of information thrown at the reader.  As Beth is only on the periphery of the family business; it’s not an overload but does set up future books well. Each member of the Faraday clan is detailed clearly and has me chomping at the bit for all of their stories.  Great suspense and intrigue with reunited lovers make this book a great read.

Rating: B

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by Edie Harris
Release Date: November 3, 2014
Publisher: Carina Press

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