Review: Darker After Midnight by Lara Adrian

darker after midnightReviewed by Jen

Wow. Talk about a game changer.  This book was pretty much everything you would want in a series finale. Only, it’s not the end of the series. It’s a great romance. The action is huge.  The climax is shocking and it completely turns the world on its ear.  Everyone has their future set up in front of them.  It’s a great ending — but at the same time, opens the door for a new beginning. I am totally stoked.

The hero of this book is Sterling Chase. Since the first book in the series, we have watched him (d)evolve from a mild-mannered Enforcement agent… to a bad-ass warrior of the Order… to a shell of himself, walking the razor’s edge of bloodlust.  In the last book, he finally neared the breaking point and walked away from his brothers in arms, slaking his thirst on whatever hapless humans crossed his path. But he couldn’t give up his last shreds of honor. When the opportunity came to help the Order in a desperate moment, he sacrificed himself to save them.

As the book begins, he is in the custody of human authorities, confessing to crimes both real and imagined to give the Order enough time to clear out of their old headquarters.  But despite the fact that he thwarted Dragos’ plan to frame the warriors, our villain has far more up his sleeve.  Dragos is ingratiating himself with key members of the US government. Which is where our heroine comes in. Tavia is a Senator’s aid and just so happened to see Chase shoot Dragos in the last book. When she comes to the police station to identify him, Chase sees an opportunity to try to stop the bad guy’s efforts. So he busts himself out of custody and makes quick work of getting close to Tavia.

I don’t want to spoil any of the totally jaw-dropping surprises, but Tavia is absolutely nothing like what I expected. Her secrets blow open an entirely new set of rules and change the future of the Breed race. Chase opens her eyes to things about herself she never even dreamed and somehow she helps sooth the crazed beast inside of him. It’s a fierce and frenzied connection and it grows into something even more.

I liked and respected both of these characters so much and I loved watching the relationship grow between them. But this was a much, much bigger book than that.  We spend a lot of time in Lucien’s POV, giving us insight into his struggles with leadership. We check in with where all the Breed couples are in their lives and relationships. And of course, everything with Dragos basically blows up. It’s great stuff. You don’t want to miss it. I’m shutting up now — go enjoy it for yourself.

Rating: A-/B+

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Darker After Midnight
by Lara Adrian
Release Date: January 24, 2012
Publisher: Dell


  1. Amazing, right? I loved this book hard!

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