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immortalReviewed by Jen

This series has been hit and miss for me lately. JR Ward can really wow me with her romances and she shines with the heat factor. Generally, she’s at her best with f’ed up heroes who are transformed by a love they would never thought they would get.  It’s been the individual romances that have sustained this series for me, while the overall arc has been downright painful at times.  The hero, Jim, has become increasingly annoying, crossing into the TSTL arena. And sadly, this book is all about him and the elements that have turned me off in the earlier books, without the balm of a good romance to offset it.

But wait, you may be wondering, how can there be a JR Ward book without romance? Well, there IS a romance of a fashion. But it’s not a good one. It’s the dreaded Jim and Sissy pairing that Ward has been foreshadowing since the beginning.  If the idea of this couple doesn’t bother you, maybe you’ll enjoy it more than I did.  But Jim’s obsession with Sissy has squicked me out from the get-go. He’s a 40 year-old, jaded killer. She is a 19 year-old virgin, who lived with her mom and was hoping to get her first car.  She was like a child and he was old enough to be her father.  And he has nearly sacrificed the world for her, without ever really even knowing her.  I didn’t use the word obsession lightly. It’s creepy and his so-called feelings have no real foundation.

And then there is the fact that he’s been sleeping with Devina and –blackmail or not– he’s gone at it with gusto.  And while Devina’s obsession with Jim is 50 shades of wrong, it didn’t bother me any more than his for Sissy.  With all of this, I just couldn’t connect. I could barely care, except for the occasional “ew.”

The book wasn’t all bad. I was interested in what was going on with Nigel, purgatory, and the twists on who the last remaining souls were. I was interested in whether they would find a way to bring Eddie back or if we’d get any ties to Lassiter from the BDB.  There were a few interesting surprises and a satisfying ending.

But that couldn’t save the book from a romance that just didn’t work for me and hero I have wanted to smack for a while now.  That the future of the world lay on this guy’s shoulders was laughable, terrifying, and ridiculous all at once.  But if you like Jim or actually wanted him paired with Sissy, this book is for you.  For me, not so much.

Rating: C/C-

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by JR Ward
Release Date: October 7, 2014
Publisher: NAL


  1. I see what you’re saying. I just ignored that part of it. There wasn’t much romance, like you said, so it didn’t creep me out that much. I was just glad that he was no longer pining away about her. I think it could also be that I saw it coming, so it was no surprise.

    I will say I thought the overall story arc wrapped up okay. I’m also glad to be seeing some of the characters showing up in BDB later on.

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