Review: Lost in Kakadu by Kendall Talbot

lost in kakaduReviewed by Janell

I bought this when it was on sale, thinking that a good plane crash romance would hit the spot. After finishing it, I would say that the spot was not exactly hit, much in the same way that the destination spot was not exactly hit by the crashed airplane. Ha!

We first meet Abigail in some rural Australian airport as she’s going on a trip with her husband. Abigail has recently learned that her husband has been sleeping around on her. She’s a rich society woman who pretty much hates the great outdoors, but she’s going on the trip to save her marriage.

Mackenzie is going on the trip with his gay lover because they’ve always wanted to travel to Kakadu, which is a big jungle-like park in the middle of Australia.

Then the plane crashes because of reasons, and Abigail and Mackenzie appear to be the only survivors. Abigail is wearing five-inch heels, her nails are regularly manicured, and she does not leave the house without her makeup. She spends the first moments/days after the crash complaining about her appearance and asking Mackenzie why they haven’t been rescued yet. Did I like her? Nope. I kept waiting for her to redeem herself somehow, and I waited some more.

Mackenzie is quite resourceful. He was a chef back in the real world, and he can do magical things with their supply of beans, flour, vegetable oil, and random jungle plants. He makes pots and pans out of airplane parts and learns how to kill various animals. For her part, Abigail eats the food.

This story as a whole was kind of interesting, in the way that any survival story is interesting. But the writing style was overly narrative, a lot more telling than showing. I didn’t feel like I was deep in the moment very often. It did keep the timeline of the story moving along, though. Mackenzie and Abigail are lost in the jungle for over a year, and reading about every monotonous — or even suspenseful — day would have made for a long book.

The POV switches between the characters, and occasionally goes to visit Abigail’s spoiled-little-rich-girl daughter Krystal who has to move in with her grandmother. I wasn’t a fan of Krystal, either.

Because of the length of time, Abigail does eventually become a better person. She happened to travel with her journal, so she’s able to read about her old self and recognize that she used to be a horrible person. She admits this to herself and to Mackenzie, and vows to never be that person again.

Oh, and by the way, Mackenzie is bisexual. Thank heavens for that, although the revelation is late and the sex isn’t very exciting. Again, that’s because the book rarely went into the deep emotions of the characters, so the moments didn’t connect with me.

The scope of the story was pretty epic. Abigail spent a lot of time admiring her new muscular body. They both became sort of super humans because of their ability to survive and even thrive. I won’t give away the ending, but I will say that it was happy, and then it was happier, and then it was happiest. At least for the characters. I was just kind of glad it was over.

Rating: C-

I think I need a better plane crash / survival book to read. I’ve read On the Island, which was super awesome. Any other suggestions?

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Lost in Kakadu
by Kendall Talbot
Release Date: August 1, 2013
Publisher: Escape Publishing

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