Review: Taken by Midnight by Lara Adrian

taken by midnightReviewed by Jen

There is no sign that the Midnight Breed series is slowing down in this eighth installment. If anything, Lara Adrian is doing a great job keeping the plot fresh and interesting. She is moving things along, allowing the characters to make progress on their journeys while revealing new layers and machinations at the same time.

Before I get too far, I want to give Adrian props for actually giving us a sexy, strong black hero. All too often, PNR heroes get whitewashed (or white-ish-washed) and if there is a black guy in the group, his skin-tone gets downplayed by his book to toffee or caramel or some other edible color. Or maybe he just doesn’t get a book at all.  Adrian embraces Brock’s deep, dark skin and crafts a sexy and satisfying interracial romance between him and his heroine.

We got the groundwork for a Brock and Jenna pairing in Shades of Midnight. Jenna had been brutalized by the ancient and Brock was using his breed skill to ease her pain. As this story begins, they’ve left Alaska behind and Jenna is recovering at the Breed compound in Boston. She has a lot to take in at once: from her attack, to her brother’s death, to the truth about the Breeds. And on top of all that, her ordeal seems to be changing her physically.  But at every turn, Brock is there. At first, his presence is a calm and steadying one, but over time, an attraction grows –and with it, some great sexual tension.

Both of these characters carry baggage: Jenna with her dead husband and child, Brock with a young Breedmate he was unable to protect years ago. It makes for some fairly good angst and a fear of relationships on both their parts. Of course, that makes it all the more satisfying when they can no longer fight their feelings.

I will warn you that some threads are left dangling.  For little plot points, I’m ok with that, but here, Adrian leaves us with a major question unanswered about Jenna and her future. This bothers me. I’m sure it will be addressed down the road, but that doesn’t really make me feel better right now.

Otherwise, though, I enjoyed the story. Another solid and sexy installment.

Rating: B

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Taken by Midnight
by Lara Adrian
Release Date: September 28, 2010
Publisher: Dell


  1. I love this series and this was one my favorite books in the series. Great review.

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