Review: Tempting Mr. Weatherstone by Vivienne Lorret

tempting mr weatherstoneReviewed by Jen

One of my biggest peeves about most novellas is that usually the build to the HEA happens too fast for me to believe in it. But here Vivienne Lorret manages to sidestep that pitfall and give me a satisfying friends to lovers story in just about 60 pages.

Penelope and Ethan have been the very best of friends for the past 10 years. Their families are close. They know everything about each other. Somehow, though, neither has truly realized that there could ever be more to their relationship. As the story begins, Pen is restless. She is ready to break out of the monotony of her life with a new and exciting adventure.  Ethan thinks that is a terrible idea. His life is ruled by order; he is comforted by the familiar.  It becomes quickly apparent, however, that things are going to change with or without his blessing. The only question is, does he have the courage to change with Penelope or will she move forward with her life, without him in it?

I really enjoyed watching these two realize the true nature of their feelings for one another.  Ethan is a straight and narrow good guy and it was a refreshing change to have a hero who wasn’t a rake or a duke or something over the top.  He loves his ledgers and his mother –and Penelope.  Meanwhile, our heroine is exuberant and fun and she genuinely values Ethan.  The conflict is minimal, just them getting in their own way.  But I liked it. It was just the right combination of sweet and sexy with some believable emotions.

It’s part of the Wallflower Weddings series, but works completely as a standalone. I would recommend.

Rating: B+

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Tempting Mr. Weatherstone
by Vivienne Lorret
Release Date: November 25, 2014
Publisher: Avon

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