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Review: The Duke of Dark Desires by Miranda Neville

duke of dark desiresReviewed by Jen

I think this final installment is the best of the four in the Wild Quartet series. For me, it did the most to make me care about the characters. I already was intrigued by Julian from Caroline’s book. I recall clearly liking him more as a love interest than the hero of who brought her a HEA. But the real draw of this book is Jane, the heroine –and her backstory that seemed to make the romance doomed from the start. [Read more…]

Jaimie’s Favorite Books of 2014

2014Reading wise I was pretty lucky in 2014 in that a lot of books I was anxiously waiting for came out, I found some great new authors, and my usual favorites continued to deliver.  Some of those books were better than others so here are my favorites of 2014!

do or dieDo Or Die by Suzanne Brockmann – This book was the first in a new series by Ms. Brockmann and I loved it.  The series is a spin-off from her popular Troubleshooters series so we got to see some old faces and meet new ones.  The story was fast-paced and I loved both the hero and heroine.  Definitely a series I’m going to follow. [Read more…]

Review: A Veil of Secrets by Hailey Edwards

veil of secretsReviewed by Jen

I have been a fan of the Araneae Nation series since the beginning.  It consistently delivers interesting and unique storylines, set in a fascinating fantasy construct that grows a little bit more with every installment.  Each book has its own core couple to find love, but the romance is really secondary to the heroine’s journey. Often, I feel like I would have liked just a little more in the love-department. It seems like every book waits until the very last chapter to seal the deal (not just sexually, but emotionally too.) I’m more than a little ready to break from the formula, but I keep coming back to these books because they are so different from other series out there. And I like them. [Read more…]

Jen’s Most Anticipated Books of 2015


Can you believe it’s already time to look ahead to 2015? Here are some of the books on my radar for the coming year:

burned 1Burned by Karen Marie Moning – I went back and forth with myself about whether to include this one. The date has been pushed back so many times — and I know the focus has changed drastically over revisions. But the truth is, I’ve inhaled every single book in this series so far. And whether it’s about Dani or Mac or, frankly, whoever, I know I am going to buy it the day it comes out.

Release Date: January 20, 2015 (or so they say) [Read more…]

Review: Say Yes to the Marquess by Tessa Dare

say yes to the marquessReviewed by Jen

Tessa Dare does not disappoint in this second installment of her Castles Ever After series. I really loved the first book, but if you haven’t read it, don’t worry. This book stands alone just fine.

The story follows our heroine, Clio, as she tries to break off her engagement from her betrothed of eight years.  You see, Piers asked her to marry him when she was only 17 and then he scuttled off to be a diplomat, leaving her the butt of society’s jokes.  I absolutely love this premise. Not that Piers abandoned Clio, of course, but that she doesn’t take it like some wilting flower.  She not only decides she’s worth more, but she takes action to create a new future for herself. [Read more…]

Review: The Leopard Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt

leopard princeReviewed by Jen

Another winner from Elizabeth Hoyt! She is now officially my favorite historical romance author. This book rocked my socks off.  It’s part two in her Princes series, and though I most definitely enjoyed The Raven Prince, you can easily read this as a standalone. It’s one of my favorite tropes: the lady falling in love with a servant, and it is done deliciously right. [Read more…]

Joint Review: The Innocent Liar by Elizabeth Finn

innocent liarReviewed by Shelly & Jaimie

Shelly: This is a new to me author and I was very excited when I read the blurb. It sounded like it would be such a good read and it was a good read, but it wasn’t what I expected it to be. When I see ‘a woman hiding from her past,’ I expect great drama and tons of angst; don’t know why, I just do.

Fiona shows up one day at Eli’s store looking for a job. She’s been told that she doesn’t have to do anything for the job – just show up and it’s hers. Well, Eli’s not so easily swayed. Even though he’s doing his father a favor by taking the interview and promising to hire sight unseen, Eli understandably still wants to know something about the person that he’s going to be hiring under the table. These two get off to a rocky start and I found the road they traveled to be somewhat dusty, uneven, and not very scenic (except for the sex scenes). [Read more…]

Carrie’s Most Anticipated Books of 2015

PhotobucketI know I’m going to miss a bunch after I send this list to post, but these are just a few of the books that have me biting my nails until they release.   I ordered them by release date to let you manage your excitement.

Tell me in the comments what you can’t wait for!
[Read more…]

Review: Desert Bound by Elizabeth Hunter

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00049]Reviewed by Shelly

This is another new to me author whose writing that I totally enjoyed. This is the second in Elizabeth Hunter’s series, Cambrio Springs. Set in a small town, Cambrio Springs’ history goes back generations; the mystery of the resident shape shifters is steeped in the mysterious spring water that the town’s ancestors drank. From snakes, birds, wolves, lions to bears and everything in between, there are a lot of shape shifters and they all have their place in the town’s structure. I liked this community. They’re tightly knit, loyal, fun and some of them are plain ole Neanderthals, but likable nonetheless. [Read more…]

Review: Clarence by Sarah M. Anderson

clarenceReviewed by Jen

I jumped into the Men of the White Sandy series with it already in progress. But what I have liked about the installments I have read is that the characters are imperfect. They’re not stunningly beautiful. They’re not billionaires.  They struggle with self-esteem and want the things that we all want: to love and to be love.  They struggle with the kinds of things we can all relate to: making enough money to pay the bills, worrying about our weight… our age… our looks, wondering if we can measure up to those around us.  It’s the vulnerability of the characters, juxtaposed to how we see them through the eyes of their lovers, that makes the stories work. [Read more…]