Jaimie’s Favorite Books of 2014

2014Reading wise I was pretty lucky in 2014 in that a lot of books I was anxiously waiting for came out, I found some great new authors, and my usual favorites continued to deliver.  Some of those books were better than others so here are my favorites of 2014!

do or dieDo Or Die by Suzanne Brockmann – This book was the first in a new series by Ms. Brockmann and I loved it.  The series is a spin-off from her popular Troubleshooters series so we got to see some old faces and meet new ones.  The story was fast-paced and I loved both the hero and heroine.  Definitely a series I’m going to follow.

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Secrets and Sins: Raphael by Naima Simone – raphaelI came in to the series a bit late as this was the third of four books but I was instantly hooked once I read it.  Poor Raphael has a one night stand who shows up on his doorstep 4 months later pregnant and in need of protection.  Before he even has a chance to process the congrats you are gonna be a daddy news, he needs to make sure she and the baby survive the nut job stalking her.  Ms. Simone was a new to me author and I am now a big fan.

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blind faithBlind Faith by Rebecca Zanetti – The Sin Brothers series has quickly become one of my favorites and Nate’s story just cemented that.  Believing Audrey had betrayed him when they were younger, Nate has harbored a lot of hate for the woman he once loved.  Determined to use her to get information to save his brothers, he seeks her out and demands she help.  Slowly Nate realizes that things are not as black and white as he thought, and that line between love and hate blurs.  There was a big twist in this one that made me love it even more!  Bring on Jory’s book.

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theirs to cherishTheirs to Cherish by Shayla Black – I have been following the Wicked Lovers series for a while and watching the interactions between Callie and Thorpe throughout various books had me so looking forward to this one.  When I saw that a third man was going to be added, I wasn’t quite sure I would love it as much, but I shouldn’t have worried.  Both men brought something different to the relationship and Callie genuinely loved them both.  This book delivered a great storyline, steamy sex and definitely met my expectations.

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when day breaksWhen Day Breaks by Maya Banks – The KGI series is a must read for me and Swanny’s story was amazing.  Not sure I can say it much better than I did in my review: “Action, sizzling romance and an insecure hero, combined with a “holy shit did that just happen” scene, made this one of the best books I’ve read this year.”

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Midnight Action by Elle Kennedy – All fans of this series have been waiting to find out what happened to start the hatred between Morgan and Noelle and we finally got our answers.  Noelle is a vicious, cut throat woman but she is also fiercely loyal.  There was an amazing twist that I didn’t see coming and I have to say the way Jim finally gets Noelle in the end was pretty funny.  Loved this book.

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keep me safeKeep Me Safe by Maya Banks – This book kicked off my favorite new series of 2014.  The Slow Burn series is romantic suspense but has psychic elements to it.  Ramie St. Clair has a unique “gift” in that she can track missing people, but it comes at a price to her.  When Caleb Devereaux’s sister goes missing he tracks Ramie down and forces her to help.  Finding herself desperate and alone she turns to him for protection, as payment of what she did to him.  This book was very emotional and was probably my favorite one of the year.  Stay tuned for my review of the second book in the series In His Keeping which releases in January 2015.

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  1. I just started the Sin Brothers books this year. I’ve only listened to the first book. Can’t wait to get to book two.

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