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Review: February or Forever by Juliet Madison

february or foreverReviewed by Jaimie

February or Forever is the second book in the Tarrin’s Bay series by new-to-me author Juliet Madison.  I was looking for a light hearted story with relatable characters and a story that kept my attention – this one paid off.  I have not read the first book in the series, but I didn’t feel like I was out of the loop.  I will probably go back and read that one just to keep up with the series, but it is not necessary.  Loved the heroine and her relationship with her son. The hero was a great combo of sexy, fun and supportive, and the couple had great chemistry.  It was exactly what I was looking for the day I read it. [Read more…]

Shelly’s Favorite Books of 2014


This is the year of series for me. All of my faves this year are part of a series, which is not something I’m used to. I think we all know how rare it is to find multiple books within a series that are as good or better than their counterparts.

healing the woundsHealing the Wounds by M.Q. Barber (Pub date: 06/02/2014)

This was my only A+ book all year long. It’s a ménage with BDSM written all over it, but the writing made me like what these characters were feeling – happy, sad, anxious, fearful – the gamut of emotions were all there. The 3rd in MQ Barber’s ‘Neighborly Affection’ series picks up the story of Henry, Jay and Alice. This takes us right to club where Jay and Henry met and we see a glimpse of time when Henry saved Jay from a guy who claims he’s a Dom. There’s a lot of crying, talking and soothing of emotions in this one which was one of the many things that made me enjoy it so much. [Read more…]

Review: His Saving Grace by Sharon Cullen

his saving graceReviewed by Jen

The blurb on this book touted it as “perfect for fans of Mary Balogh” with the “deeply emotional tale of two devoted lovers facing the ravages of war.” Of course, there was no way I could resist a sell like that.  And I have to say, the book delivers on its promise. [Read more…]

Review: Marked by Rebecca Zanetti

marked 2Reviewed by Jen

This book was absolutely everything I hoped it would be. Like so many other fans of the Dark Protectors series, I have been waiting anxiously for Janie’s story. We’ve been teased with bits and pieces for years. We have known her since she was just four years old; we’ve followed her as she has become more powerful and as she has come closer and closer to fulfilling her destiny.  We’ve caught glimpses of her connections to Zane and Kalin.  And it’s all led up to this. I am getting excited all over again just thinking about it. [Read more…]

Review: Entwined With You by Sylvia Day

entwined with youReviewed by Jen

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Expectations can matter so much in how I feel about a book.  I walked into this one, basically with no excitement at all. I was put off by the decision to expand the series from three books into five.  I thought it would be either boring filler or unnecessary added misery for this couple that has already been to hell and back.  I bought it and in my pique, let it sit on my shelf for more than a year, only to consider it again now that book 4 is out. With so much time and distance, my slate was basically wiped clean.  And I actually ended up enjoying it. [Read more…]

Review: The Sweetest Seduction by Crista McHugh

sweetest seductionReviewed by Janell

While I was at a local chapter conference of RWA, I won a raffle basket. I actually won two raffle baskets in the same night, which makes me think that all of my winning luck for the next ten years has been used up. Anyway, this particular basket was provided by Crista McHugh, and it included four books in her Kelly Brothers series. This is the first book.

Lia is a fancy superstar chef with her own restaurant in Chicago. Her mother auctioned off her services — thanks, mom! — and Lia has to cook dinner for the Kelly family one night. Adam, the first son, bumps into Lia at his mother’s house and gets insta-lust. He convinces Lia to take a spin on the family boat after dinner. Since Lia is so busy with her restaurant, and Adam is so busy being a businessman, neither of them has much time for dating. Making out on a boat is all they really have time for. [Read more…]

Review: Once Upon a Highland Christmas by Lecia Cornwall

once upon a highland christmasReviewed by Jen

This book did not ring my bell. It had hints of a forbidden romance and a sexy Highland laird, but it just did not engage me. There is a lot of narrative around the dialogue and wayyy too many cut-scenes that took me away from the core romance.  And the romance itself was kind of meh.

Lady Alanna is betrothed to marry a marquess she has barely laid eyes on.  Her sister jilted him and now her mother is forcing her to take her sister’s place. Alanna is a good girl, agreeable and pliant, and she plans on doing as her mother asks. But during a walk the day before her wedding, she gets lost in a snowstorm and is injured.  Iain, the laird of the neighboring lands, stumbles upon her and spirits the unconscious woman to a nearby cottage for the night. He keeps her warm and mends her up before taking her back to his castle. [Read more…]

Review: Fury’s Kiss by Karen Chance

furys kissReviewed by Jen

Karen Chance continues to wow me with her ability to craft characters that I genuinely care about. She puts them through hell. And I cannot look away. Dory is such a fantastic heroine. She is not only the title character of this series, she is its heart and soul.  Hands down, she is one of my favorite UF heroines out there. [Read more…]

Review: Veronica: Stranded with the Sheikh by Jennifer Lewis

stranded with the sheikhReviewed by Shelly

This my first story by this author and it was a nice introduction. This novella is the prequel to her ‘Desert Kings’ series and tells the tale of how architect Veronica Baxter and heir to the royal throne Zadir Al Kilanjar met. This is a novella so the review is going to follow suit – no spoilers here, considering I’ve not even read this couple’s story (Zadir: Bought for the Sheikh) as yet. [Read more…]

Review: A Bollywood Affair by Sonali Dev

bollywood affairReviewed by Janell

I heard a lot about this book on Twitter when it was released, mostly these three observations: “This book is so awesome!” and “Why has the publisher priced it so high?” and “It needs a better cover for a romance book!” Luckily, my local library had a copy, so I didn’t have to wait for it to go on sale.

Mili was married when she was four years old, in a mass wedding ceremony. Her husband was twelve. They never saw each other after the ceremony, but Mili grew up assuming that one day her husband would come for her. While he became a military pilot, she cared for his grandparents and his ancestral home. She also biked for miles every day to attend an English school. Her traditional grandmother allowed her to continue her education only because Mili’s husband might want an educated wife, and so Mili even gets to travel to America to study for a few months. [Read more…]