Review: Desert Bound by Elizabeth Hunter

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This is another new to me author whose writing that I totally enjoyed. This is the second in Elizabeth Hunter’s series, Cambrio Springs. Set in a small town, Cambrio Springs’ history goes back generations; the mystery of the resident shape shifters is steeped in the mysterious spring water that the town’s ancestors drank. From snakes, birds, wolves, lions to bears and everything in between, there are a lot of shape shifters and they all have their place in the town’s structure. I liked this community. They’re tightly knit, loyal, fun and some of them are plain ole Neanderthals, but likable nonetheless.

I didn’t read the first story in the series, but I believe that the majority of the players are the same. Alex McCann and Teodora ‘Ted’ Vasquez have a long history. Ted went off to college and medical school and Alex followed while doing his own thing (construction) to be with her. After coming back to town and setting up her practice, Ted’s the only physician in town; Ted’s responsibilities are focused on both the shifters and the humans in the community. Sometimes the flow of patients is feast or famine but the folks in town are still getting used to having Ted as their doc.

Real estate mogul Alex is building the Springs’ first resort. He’s also realizes that he absolutely cannot and will not live without Ted as his mate. The only thing about that is Ted doesn’t want too much to do with Alex because he’s broken her heart, not once, but twice and she’s not going to be fooled a third time.

I liked everything about this story and I’m finding that with stories like these, I like the paranormal genre a little more. The majority of the conflict for these two is not in their inherent adversarial relationship (he’s a wolf and she’s a lion.) It’s because of the age old Romeo/Juliet syndrome of feuding families. But that wasn’t too overdone and it wasn’t even a big part of the plot’s progression. What was, though, was the mystery surrounding a death in their community. Not only was the death a shock to me ,but the culprits floored me.

I thought that not only were the H/h were well written, they were well rounded and had as much fun as I, the reader, did. The secondary characters we equally as fun, even the ones I wasn’t supposed to like were really well written. I’m eagerly awaiting the next story in the series – hopefully it’s Ollie’s story because he’s going to blow a gasket if something doesn’t give. This was such a fun read for me and I had a hard time putting it down. Even though I’ve not read this author before I’m sure this will not be the last thing that I read from her. Her writing is really good. The dialogue is spot on – you know it’s good when you can hear the characters speaking the words – I got it.

Happy Reading folks!

Rating: B+/A-

*Book provided by author for review

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Desert Bound
by Elizabeth Hunter
Release Date: October 14, 2014

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