Review: Falling From the Light by Regan Summers

falling from the lightReviewed by Jen

I remember that I really enjoyed the first story in this series, but cooled a bit toward the second. I think this third installment, though, is easily the best to date.  It pays a lot of attention to the core romance; it’s got a fast-moving, action packed plot; and it’s got angst in spades.

As the story begins, Sydney is being forced to do a job for the super-powerful vampire Bronson. Essentially, he is basically using extortion, by threatening her lover Malcolm, who is currently serving him.  She has to dig up info on a Las Vegas company linked to the powerful drug, Radiant, that made a bunch of vamps go crazy in the last book. Conveniently, Malcolm has a job of his own to do in the same neck of the woods, so they can travel to Sin City together.

Malcolm is tasked with bringing in Abel, a villain from the previous books. But he can’t hurt him, even though Sydney is likely to be a target for Abel again.  Mal and Syd travel to a high-end vamp hotel with their entourage to get their jobs started. There, they have to maintain a cover of a master and feeder, putting unneeded stress on their relationship. This couldn’t be at a worse time as their assignments put them in serious physical and emotional peril.

Bad things happen. Especially to Sydney.  It’s hard to read at times and is kind of in the same vein as one of Kelly Meding’s Dreg City or JC Daniels’ Kit Colbana books.  Those elements are gut wrenching, but they really made me doubly emotionally invested in Syd and her future.  There’s some good stuff here that shows us what Syndey is made of. But there’s not just individual character development going on, but relationship development as well.  I’m glad that Reagan Summers devoted so much of the story to the Syd/ Mal relationship. One of my complaints about Running in the Dark, was that I didn’t get enough of it. I really believed in the love between these two and I liked that their problems felt real and relevant without ever spoiling my ability to root for them to be together.

The world building is good. So is the writing. Both main characters are well drawn and sympathetic. (I love the way Mal loves Syd.) But the secondary characters mattered to me as well… from Syd’s chatty BFF to her vampire minion Thurston. I was interested and invested in them all.

It wasn’t perfect.  There was a plot about some blood gemstones that felt pulled out of thin air. It became super-relevant at the end, so I would have liked to believe in that a bit more. And the conclusion felt whirlwind fast. It was satisfying, but I had to reread the ending to really get what happened.

Overall, though, I enjoyed it, especially as it gained momentum. I think UF fans (especially those who have read the series) will really like it too.

Rating: B/B+

*ARC provided by author for review

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Falling From the Light
by Regan Summers
Release Date: November 24, 2014

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