Review: February or Forever by Juliet Madison

february or foreverReviewed by Jaimie

February or Forever is the second book in the Tarrin’s Bay series by new-to-me author Juliet Madison.  I was looking for a light hearted story with relatable characters and a story that kept my attention – this one paid off.  I have not read the first book in the series, but I didn’t feel like I was out of the loop.  I will probably go back and read that one just to keep up with the series, but it is not necessary.  Loved the heroine and her relationship with her son. The hero was a great combo of sexy, fun and supportive, and the couple had great chemistry.  It was exactly what I was looking for the day I read it.

Single mother Chrissie Burns has had a rough few years and then she inherits the family beach house where her sister died tragically years before.  Determined to get in, renovate, sell and get out, Chrissie gets a job nearby at a high scale retreat where she teaches yoga.  While working on the house in her spare time, she slowly begins to relax in the town and befriends a local woman who helps her see some of the good that Tarrin’s Bay has to offer.

Drew Williams is one of Australia’s most well-known singer/songwriters, who has returned to his home town to ride out a public relations scandal that’s brewing in the United States.  In addition to being successful, Drew is gorgeous but he has kept his every day guy attitude instead of turning in to a prima donna after getting famous.  That was just one of the things that made him so loveable.  He really goes out of his way to draw Chrissie out of her shell and their relationship built sweetly instead of in love in 12 hours.

Chrissie was a great female lead.  She has issues for sure, but really who doesn’t?  She is focused on her son and building a good life for them both and it was nice to see that she was able to find some happiness despite the bad stuff.  She genuinely enjoys her job as a yoga instructor, and she takes the directive that she cannot be involved with clients seriously.  While obviously there was lots of romance, there was a lot of her journey personally as well, which I loved.

I like a book that can take you through many different emotions because life is a journey and, heck, we all have days where we can experience 12 different feelings, sometimes all in a row.  When books gloss over that reality, it does affect my overall enjoyment of the story.  This book takes you through them, which I loved.  From grief, sadness, frustration, hurt, anger, lust, love – this one had it all.

Overall I really enjoyed the book and will absolutely keep up with the series.  Relatable, interesting characters, plenty of emotion, and a story that kept me interested, all combined to make this one a winner.  Looking forward to the next one!

Rating: B

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February or Forever
by Juliet Madison
Release Date: February 1, 2014
Publisher: Escape Publishing

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