Review: It’s a Vampire Christmas by Lia Davis

its a vampire christmasReviewed by Shelly

This is my first read from this author and I’m eager to see the direction that this ‘Vampire Lords’ series is going. I don’t usually see too many vampire Christmas stories that include ménage and it was a pleasant surprise to see this one. Living in Florida, Alasdair Morgan is the vampire lord of the South Atlantic region. He lives a moderately solitary life because of the restricted exposure to humans and his responsibilities to protect the people under his watch. One of the joys of his existence is that he lives with Gideon, one of his mates. I say one because both men know that there’s a special woman out there for them, they just haven’t found her as yet, but things are going to start looking up pretty soon.

Not only can they not find their mate, the guys have also been looking for an ancient journal that belonged to Alasdair’s grandmother. After a lot of years searching, Gideon’s finally found it – in New York. After some personal difficulties and now living in the big apple with her father and his coven of protectors, Rhianna Howell is laying low and minding her own business. She’s also a half-breed; well, not really half. She’s more part gargoyle, part witch, part human and part badass. Going to her same ole same little antique shop that she frequents, Rhianna is drawn to the journal before Gideon can get to its location. Tracking down both the journal and Rhianna, Gideon finds a happy coincidence – both the journal and their missing mate.

Hands down Alasdair is my favorite, he’s the tortured soul with the angst about his failures and needs; all that just pulled me right in. His past includes an ancestry of a long line of vampires, or so it seems right now, but there are tons of things about him that we don’t know. I didn’t even get into the looks of him, as I was much more captivated with his emotions and motivations.

Gideon was a little harder to read because he’s the younger vampire and his past as a man of the cloth is very interesting to me considering what he’s become and his new life. I’m very curious about this mindset and how his acceptance happened. His affection and love for Alasdair is easy and charming and his complete infatuation with Rhianna was fun, especially his pseudo-repulsion when he finds out something about her.

Rhianna’s past is very intriguing to me. Her present day is interesting but her skeletons (and I think there are a lot) have their own bit of fascination too. Then there’s the relationship with her father, the vampire lord Julian Delacroix. This is a really quick read with fun dialogue, fast paced action and some pretty steamy sex scenes. I could have lived with a slower pace and way more getting to know each other. The only thing is that I didn’t find out half as much about each character as I wanted, hopefully more will be revealed in future installments.

Happy Reading folks!

Rating: B

*ARC provided by author for review

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It’s a Vampire Christmas
by Lia Davis
Release Date: December 2, 2014

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