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owning violetReviewed by Jaimie

Owning Violet is the first in The Fowler Sisters series by Monica Murphy and this was my first time trying any of her work.  The blurb caught my attention and I’ve been having a lot of luck lately with new authors so I gave it a shot.  Unfortunately, I really had mixed feelings about this one.  I could not relate to the heroine at all and at times I wanted to reach through the pages and smack her.  When I can’t relate to the heroine, it makes it very difficult for me to enjoy a book.

Violet Fowler is the middle, dutiful child always doing everything that is expected from her.  She is being groomed to take over their family cosmetics company  and has found the “perfect” husband to be.  Violet is dating Zachary, a man who works for the company, and she quietly ignores his cheating and betrayal, telling herself he will suddenly become faithful once they say I do.  The book starts with Violet having some inner dialogue that really set the tone for the rest of the story saying things like “I would make the perfect politician’s wife. Standing behind my man, offering my never-ending support all while wearing the pleasant smile I’ve mastered over the years.”  I admit after this sentence I had pretty much decided this wasn’t going to go well.

Turns out Zachary was just using her to get ahead in the company, which I’m sure will come as a surprise after the cheating and stuff.  Enter Ryder McKay, a former bad boy who has turned his life around and is just as determined to succeed as Zachary.  Like his nemesis, Ryder has an ulterior motive for getting Violet in to bed but it takes a bit of time to figure out everyone’s end game.  I love a bad boy turned good. It is one of my favorite types of men, but I found that Ryder rode closer to the asshole line than hot alpha male line, and it was hard to get past that.  Both characters start to redeem themselves as the story progresses, but I just could not get past my first impressions.

Ryder owes a lot to Pilar, a woman who helped him get to where he is today, but she has her own motivations for having him seduce Violet.  In many ways she was a more interesting character than Violet.  For his part, Ryder wants to stick it to Zach and steal the promotion from him and if he can accomplish that while also getting to have sex with Violet – well that’s a win/win.  He’s a dirty talking, rough kinda guy and that part of him didn’t bother me.  Love me a dirty talking man, but there was just something about him I could not put my finger on.

There were some positives in this book so it was not all bad.  Violet and Ryder did have some sizzling chemistry and the sex was hot.  They grew on me as the story went on and I also found that the later parts of the book were really well written. I will probably check out the next book in the series out of curiosity.  Unfortunately my first impressions of the heroine tainted the story for me but the sisters intrigued me.  I will definitely approach the next one with an open mind and I suspect I’m going to like it a lot more.

This one was all over the map for me.  There were some really big positives and some really big negatives.  I think it comes out as a draw making the book just okay.

Rating: C

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Owning Violet
by Monica Murphy
Release Date: December 2, 2014
Publisher: Bantam

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