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revenantReviewed by Jen

Larissa Ione continues to wow me with her great world building, her rich characters, and her super sexy romance skills.   I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really all that excited to read Revenant’s story. Not, say, the way I burned for Reaver’s book. But I ended up loving him all the same. Not every author can pull off a surprise twin story line, but Ione not only pulls it off, she makes it awesome.

Poor Revenant has spent thousands of years in hell, believing that is where he belonged.  He thought he was a Fallen Angel, a monster.  The truth is, though, he was born a true angel, but his mother was a prisoner of hell at the time. His twin was allowed to reside in heaven, but Rev and his mom would have to stay down below.  Everything changed when Reaver got his memories back and became a Radiant.  It’s all rather complicated, but when Reaver got a power boost, so did Rev.  Now he’s the #2 Big Bad in hell, but in his heart, he wants his place in heaven. He wants to know why he’s been abandoned and ignored all of these years.  He wants acceptance… love. But he can’t let anyone know how vulnerable he really is.

Satan really wants to keep Rev batting for Team Bad, so he is trying to force Revenant’s help ensuring the successful rebirth of Lucifer. That’s where Blaspheme enters the picture. She’s the doctor Rev taps to help monitor Gethel’s pregnancy.  He’s attracted to her right away, but he has no idea she is keeping some secrets.  You see, Blas is the forbidden offspring of an angel and Fallen Angel.  Her kind are killed on sight. And the powerful spell that has hidden her true nature is now fading.  There is no one she can trust. Just like there is no one Rev can trust.  Can they find something real for the first time with one another?

I really liked both main characters here.  Rev wants to be a good guy so much, but he has so much distrust and resentment in his way.  He has been screwed over and looked down on so much in his life, how could he NOT feel this way? Reaver has played no small part in this and I hurt for poor Rev and his constant rejection. Seeing him respond to Blas was so bittersweet; he’s had so much love to give and even the smallest kindness matters.  Even with all this, though, he is no emo tortured hero.  He is still tough as nails where it counts, we just also get to see the gooey center underneath.  Blas, meanwhile, is a good person trapped by terrible circumstance. I respected her for the hard choices she had to make. And I really loved her with Rev. The romance is emotional, but crazy-hot too.

We get to spend a good amount of time with Reaver, Eidolon, and Underworld General… as well as the Horsemen. It’s a great finale to the series. But in my heart, I think Ione could easily come back to the Demonica world and give us more. Here’s hoping.

Rating: B+

*ARC provided by publisher

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by Larissa Ione
Release Date: December 16, 2014
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing


  1. Once again, we are pretty much the same with this one. Like you, I was so anxious to read Reaver’s book, that Revenant felt like an after thought. But actually it was better in many ways. I enjoyed the characters and story so much – Rev and Blas made a terrific pair.

    I’m waiting to see what Larissa posts on her website as what is next… because this series cannot end!!

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