Review: The Sweetest Seduction by Crista McHugh

sweetest seductionReviewed by Janell

While I was at a local chapter conference of RWA, I won a raffle basket. I actually won two raffle baskets in the same night, which makes me think that all of my winning luck for the next ten years has been used up. Anyway, this particular basket was provided by Crista McHugh, and it included four books in her Kelly Brothers series. This is the first book.

Lia is a fancy superstar chef with her own restaurant in Chicago. Her mother auctioned off her services — thanks, mom! — and Lia has to cook dinner for the Kelly family one night. Adam, the first son, bumps into Lia at his mother’s house and gets insta-lust. He convinces Lia to take a spin on the family boat after dinner. Since Lia is so busy with her restaurant, and Adam is so busy being a businessman, neither of them has much time for dating. Making out on a boat is all they really have time for.

Then, wouldn’t you know it, Adam is Lia’s landlord! Adam has been chasing a European celebrity chef, and has promised him Lia’s restaurant space if he’ll open a restaurant in Chicago. Lia and Adam discover this awkward fact the next morning, when Adam shows up to deliver an eviction notice to her. That’s very close to the top of the list of Things Not To Do the Morning After an Almost-Hookup.

Adam and Lia wade through this bad phase, with Adam agreeing to think about maybe not evicting her, and Lia agreeing to not hate him. Then the super-busy Adam finds a lot of holes in his schedule. He keeps showing up at Lia’s work, talking to her, kissing her, smearing raspberry sauce all over her body and licking it off. I have to assume that she wiped down the counter afterwards.

This is a fairly short book so things moved quickly. You can guess how the restaurant dilemma is resolved. Except it was slightly different, and the wrench that the author threw at Lia was too much, in my opinion. It turned Lia into a pouty girl who ran away from her problems, when really she was tough and independent enough that she should have just dealt with the problem like a boss. Instead she let Adam solve everything, which, boo.

So, the book was quick and steamy with some good Chicago real estate glamor, but I didn’t like how the characters handled everything.

Rating: B-

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The Sweetest Seduction
by Crista McHugh
Release Date: December 26, 2013

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