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This is the year of series for me. All of my faves this year are part of a series, which is not something I’m used to. I think we all know how rare it is to find multiple books within a series that are as good or better than their counterparts.

healing the woundsHealing the Wounds by M.Q. Barber (Pub date: 06/02/2014)

This was my only A+ book all year long. It’s a ménage with BDSM written all over it, but the writing made me like what these characters were feeling – happy, sad, anxious, fearful – the gamut of emotions were all there. The 3rd in MQ Barber’s ‘Neighborly Affection’ series picks up the story of Henry, Jay and Alice. This takes us right to club where Jay and Henry met and we see a glimpse of time when Henry saved Jay from a guy who claims he’s a Dom. There’s a lot of crying, talking and soothing of emotions in this one which was one of the many things that made me enjoy it so much.

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secrets of mia danversThe Secrets of Mia Danvers by Robyn DeHart (Pub date: 06/18/2013)

Although I read this one is 2014, it was actually published in 2013 and I thought it was wonderful. This is the first book in Robyn DeHart’s ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ series. My first story by DeHart, it wasn’t my last. Mia’s been blind since she was a child and with the help of her BF Rachel she leads a pretty independent life. Alex Foster, the Duke of Carrington, just inherited his title and responsibilities. Putting their smarts together to solve a murder made this one of my favorite stories.

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temptations of anna jacobsThe Temptations of Anna Jacobs by Robyn DeHart (Pub date: 04/15/2014)

This is the second story in DeHart’s ‘Dangerous Liaison’ series picked up directly after Mia and Alex’s story. Alex’s brother Drew is fresh out of prison and part of his deal for release is working with Scotland Yard in their investigation to find and stop Jack the Ripper. Anna Jacobs is the sister to Drew’s recruiter, Simon and is studying to become a medical doctor. I needed much convincing to like Drew because I couldn’t stand him in Book 1; I ended up liking him a lot in this one. Like Mia, Anna was a really strong heroine and I enjoyed her story. Together Drew and Anna were a fun and interesting couple and I liked them together in this fast paced story.

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GuardingPoppy_ReFormat_02252014.inddGuarding Poppy by Christine Wenrick (Pub date: 08/01/2014)

I’m a fan of Christine Wenrick’s writing. I loved her Charmed Trilogy series and I’m in equal feelings for her Men of Brahm Hill series. This is the second in the latter series and tells guardian Alec’s story. One of the reasons that I like Wenrick’s writing is because of her ability to pull me into her world – the building is amazing. The characters make sense and very rarely will anyone do anything that’s so outside of their personality that you’re shocked. I rely on Wenrick’s character development to take me on a ride of anticipation and ultimately fulfillment. And yes, Alec and Poppy make the pages turn pretty fast.

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Pieces for You by Genna Rulon (Pub date: 04/15/2014)pieces for you

This is the second story Genna Rulon’s ‘For You’ series and I enjoyed this story much more than I did Book 1. Picking up directly after the first story ended, Sam’s in recovery stage after her violent assault. Griffin is the owner of the local bar and has quietly loved Sam for some time. Sam really drew me in – she’s small but spritely and her ability to bounce back made me like her all the more. Between these two, there were many moments where I just wanted to give them a hug – I might (or might not) have cried a little, just a little though.

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Temper for You by Genna Rulon (Pub date: 09/24/2014)temper for you

The 3rd book in Genna Rulon’s ‘For You’ series was a toss up for which book I liked the most. The hero is someone who I didn’t like in Book 2 due to his total douche like qualities. But Genna brought me back to the light and made me like him – dang it! I tried – fought it every step of the way but he kept doing something nice and then something else and next thing you know, I’m willing for him and Meg to be together. By the way – I wouldn’t read these as a standalone you’ll get frustrated because of the overlapping characters and ongoing plot lines.

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Untitled-4I Saw Her Standing There by Marie Force (Pub date: 11/04/2014)

After reading the 2nd book in Marie Force’s ‘Green Mountain’ series, I knew I wanted to continue the series and I’m glad I did. This is about Lucy Mulvaney and Colton Abbott (brother of Hannah – Book 2). Lucy’s a city girl who falls for mountain man Colton. Because of Lucy’s anxieties, they keep everything very quiet until they just can’t anymore without lying. It was hard for me to like Lucy but the writing was good. Colton…that Colton, hm hm hm. Nothin’ to not like there.

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Happy reading folks!

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