Review: Catalyst by Dani Worth

catalystReviewed by Shelly

So far, this is my least favorite of the series. I didn’t enjoy it as much because the sex scenes seemed more…gratuitous and there not as much in the progression of the plot as compared to the first two in the series. BUT that doesn’t mean it’s not good, I’m still having a hard time putting this series down – the 4th book has already been purchased.

What kept this alive for me was the world building on a new planet. The imagery was imaginative and flowed so well, I didn’t have to tax myself too much trying to picture the world where the majority of the action happens. Like Lux and Jarana, Vala is a mentally and physically strong woman. There’s not a lot that knocks her down but when it does, it’s pretty much warranted.

I’m going to repeat myself a bit here, but bear with me. Dani Worth is officially on my auto-buy list and if her writing in her Crux Survivors series is half as good as this series, well then I’m probably going to turn into a stalker. While off planet at the time of Kithra’s destruction, Vala Gorun’s family survived the massacre that killed so many of their people. Cue in lots of survivor’s guilt. However, before the destruction of their home, teenaged Vala had a major crush – you might even call it love – on the older Jackson Canfield. Jackson, recognizing Vala’s youth as not something to be taken advantage of, politely discouraged her. I respected him for that.

Fast-forward 8 years and Vala’s back on Kithra working with the others hired by ‘The Company’ to rebuild the planet. The younger Bastian Sithbrun has been watching Vala for weeks. He’s not making a secret of it and everyone knows that he’s been giving her the eye. Except Vala is convinced the 7-8 years between them is too much and absolutely will not give Bastian the time of day. It’s not until they’re on a mission with Jarana and Lux to find Jackson, who’s been in hiding, is Bastian able to speak with his captured audience, Vala, and things get heated, quickly.

There was something about the development of Vala, Bastian and Jackson that didn’t hook me as much as I wanted them to. There were moments where things felt forced and I didn’t get the same vibe of ‘I can’t live without you’ feeling. They were each nice and likable and had their own good and bad points. They even each had their own sordid past that made for interesting reading and helped get to know them. Speaking of getting to know them, I’m verra verra curious about Bastian and his time aboard the entertainment aka slave ship. That might get more explanation in the 4th book because I see that the heroine is a slave and what are the chances that both she and Bastian were on the same ship – high chances I tell ya, high chances.

I can’t say it enough, if you’re a fan of m/m/f that has actual plot lines and great dialogue this is a good choice.

Happy Reading folks!

Rating: B-

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by Dani Worth
Release Date: December 11, 2012
Publisher: Samhain

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