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Review: Solving for Nic by Lexxi Callahan

solving for nicReviewed by Janell

I like books about geeks and nerds. This book features Lizzie, a math genius at Princeton, and Nic, her brother’s friend who is also a totally rich real estate developer and heir to an Italian vineyard. Although Lizzie spent most of the book hiding her nerdy side and portraying a more ditzy version of herself, I still liked her. [Read more…]

Review: White Knight by Kelly Meade

white knightReviewed by Jen

This is the story I have been waiting for since the first book in the series and I am happy to say that it satisfies. Poor Knight was really put through the wringer in the earlier installments.  He was kidnapped by the hybrid triplets, who raped him and forced him to father a baby. His pack was betrayed. His father, murdered. He nearly lost himself to a forced shift. And now, his mate has been kidnapped.  The events of the past two months are taking their toll, but all he can think about is getting Shay back from the hybrids. [Read more…]

Review: Convicted by Dee Tenorio

convictedReviewed by Jaimie

I love a tortured hero and feisty heroine as long as they are written well and that’s exactly what I got with Dee Tenorio’s latest book Convicted.  This was my first experience with Ms. Tenorio’s work but it definitely won’t be my last!  This story had a fast moving plot that kept me reading, a couple that I could get behind and great secondary characters.  It appears from her website that this may be the start of a series and I certainly hope that’s the case! [Read more…]

Joint Review: Again the Magic by Lisa Kleypas

again the magicReviewed by Janell and Jen

Janell: I am not well-versed in Lisa Kleypas. I read one of her books in another series recently that I found charming, so when this was on sale, and it had the word Wallflower in the subtitle, I bought it. I like the wallflower trope.

I keep checking the publication date on this, because, 2004? Really? This book has such an old-school flavor that I find it hard to believe it’s not a reissue from 1989. But I’m no book researcher so I’m going by the date on Goodreads.

Jen: I didn’t just love this book. I. LOVED. This. Book. The kind of love that makes you ignore your real life and stay up past your bedtime because you can’t put it down. It features one of my favorite tropes –a historical romance where the hero is too far below the heroine’s social status for them to be together. And it plays out to perfection. [Read more…]

Review: Replicant by Dani Worth

replicantReviewed by Shelly

I’m having a hard time putting this series down. It’s rare to find a satisfactory story line in a novella but Dani Worth has me singing her praises. The world building alone on this Kithran planet deserves it’s own kudos. The second in the Kithran Regenesis series picks up where the first story left off. Lux, Kol and Egan are living their HEA while rebuilding Kithra. There are more people who’ve been hired by The Company so the population, while not exploding, has multiplied by the tens. [Read more…]

Review: Magic in the Blood by Devon Monk

magic in the bloodReviewed by Jen

OK. I’m in. This second book in the Allie Beckstrom series has solidified my investment in these stories, and I know I am definitely going to keep reading.  If you haven’t read book one, you need to start there, and be warned, there are spoilers for that book ahead. [Read more…]

Review: Breakaway Hearts by Crista McHugh

breakaway heartsReviewed by Janell

This is the second in the Kelly Brothers series. I believe there are seven brothers total, and they are all named alphabetically, so brother number two is Ben.

I have to state upfront that I am not a fan of reunited lovers or of secret babies. I know some people totally love reunion stories, but I just feel like I missed out on the romance the first time around, so I’m not really satisfied. [Read more…]

Review: Catalyst by Dani Worth

catalystReviewed by Shelly

So far, this is my least favorite of the series. I didn’t enjoy it as much because the sex scenes seemed more…gratuitous and there not as much in the progression of the plot as compared to the first two in the series. BUT that doesn’t mean it’s not good, I’m still having a hard time putting this series down – the 4th book has already been purchased. [Read more…]

Review: A Minor Inconvenience by Sarah Granger

minor inconvenienceReviewed by Jen

This book had potential that, for me, it didn’t quite measure up to. It’s an historical m/m romance where one of the heroes is recovering from war injuries. He limps.  He has little to no experience with men. He is a little naive and very straight laced. Yummy, right? [Read more…]

Review: Fueled by Lust: Caelius by Celeste Prater

caeliusReviewed by Shelly

If you’ve not read any of the previous stories in this series, I wouldn’t start with this one. This is read much better in sequence. It’s amazing what small things will distract me. In my case it’s thongs because everyone wears them and heroines whose names are have 4 letters and end in ‘a’. I’m trying to shake it off but it keeps popping up.

This 5th book in the Fueled by Lust series has 2 separate stories – one is an m/f romance while the other is m/m. Caelius Meron is one of the Insedi warriors who traveled to earth to find his mate. All of the warriors work for the Heat Seekers Male Revue in one capacity or another – easy access to plentiful women. Too bad for Caelius, because it’s all for naught when he meets Rhia Brennan in his cooking class. Rhia’s 22 years older than Caelius, and is rightfully hesitant to enter into any kind of a relationship with someone so young. [Read more…]