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replicantReviewed by Shelly

I’m having a hard time putting this series down. It’s rare to find a satisfactory story line in a novella but Dani Worth has me singing her praises. The world building alone on this Kithran planet deserves it’s own kudos. The second in the Kithran Regenesis series picks up where the first story left off. Lux, Kol and Egan are living their HEA while rebuilding Kithra. There are more people who’ve been hired by The Company so the population, while not exploding, has multiplied by the tens.

Living on Kithra, Erick is perfectly happy with his fiancé, Maska, until Tracker Jarana Gothbrun shows up to burst their happy little bubble. Jarana’s got two big jobs that she needs the money from. One of them is to bring in a criminal of the highest order, Maska. It turns out that unbeknownst to Erik, Maska is a Replicant, a shapeshifter, who only needs the DNA of someone (as along as they’re humanoid). It’s not until Jarana uses some kind of new fangled gadget to force the physical change of woman to man does Erik find out – yikes, Maska’s real form is that of a man. Now I want you to forget the whole deception-LifeTime movie part of this because although I was truly pissed about that part, Worth sucked me right back in and made me feel for Maska and his/her rationale. Dang you, woman!

So there I went, still flipping the pages and finding out about Jarana’s past, and let me tell you, it was pretty terrible. I have to provide a disclaimer here – if you’re at all bothered by sexual slavery and rape – be warned because there’s mention of it as it relates to our heroine. Then there’s the angst she experiences, as it turns out she has feelings and such empathy which are all perfectly hidden beneath a short hair cut and fighting leathers.

Once I got to know Maska and his motivation for everything, I thought he was perfectly suited to the other two in the relationship. I would have liked to know more about Erik, he seemed to have the least amount of drama in his life, so his back story wasn’t as exposed as Jarana’s and Maska’s.

Again, if you’re a fan of m/m/f that has actual plot lines and great dialogue this is a good choice.

Happy Reading folks!

Rating: B

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by Dani Worth
Release Date: April 17, 2012
Publisher: Samhain

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