Review: An Affair Downstairs by Sherri Browning

an affair downstairsReviewed by Jen

Lady Alice plans never to marry. She’s worked out her plan for independence and a husband isn’t part of the dream. That doesn’t mean she isn’t interested in men. To the contrary, the loss of her virtue is near the top of her to-do list. And she knows exactly the man she wants to do it with: estate manager Logan Winthrope. He’s really the perfect candidate. Not only is she terribly attracted to him, but they are so socially mismatched, there wouldn’t be a chance it could lead to a wedding. So she sets off on a mission to seduce him.

Logan has no intention of cooperating. He knows that anything between him and Alice would be completely inappropriate. He is too old for her and, even more importantly, he is damaged goods. Rumor has it that he killed a man, and he left behind his titled family years ago. But despite all of his best intentions, he can’t quite ignore Alice’s attentions. She wears him down slowly, until she becomes impossible to resist. But can they truly be satisfied with one night together?

Of course not!

I really liked Logan. He is sexy in his slightly gruff and quiet way. Alice was ok. She was a little myopic at times. She didn’t always see beyond what she wanted and didn’t always stop to think about how her plans would affect Logan. I liked watching her regard for him grow into something with more depth as she got to know him better. I loved, loved the forbidden element to their relationship. Both knew it wasn’t right, but that only ratcheted up the sexual tension. I found myself rooting hard for these two to get together and the payoff was very good.

I did have some issues. There were times Alice grated on me with her immaturity. There were points I felt like she toyed with her suitors in order to feel good about herself. But far worse was her horrible big sister. Throughout the book, she is trying to snag Alice a proper husband. But she is so selfish and self-absorbed, I can’t believe that her true colors have never shown themselves before. I hated Sophie. I also thought that Alice’s overzealous suitor was a caricature of a villain. The whole storyline surrounding him was over the top. What he was doing was totally obvious –and why he was doing it was flat ridiculous. The author should have stuck with the romance side of the plot; it worked far better than the external conflicts.

I did like the book overall, thanks to the relationship between Alice and Logan…. Or perhaps I should say, thanks to Logan and the super-awesome sexual tension he has with Alice. (His backstory is pretty good too.) It also delivers a satisfying conclusion.

Rating: B/B-

*ARC provided by publisher for review

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An Affair Downstairs
by Sherri Browning
Release Date: January 6, 2015
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca


  1. Thanks for the review! I saw this book and knew it was a romance cashing in on the popularity of “Downton Abbey”, even down to the upstairs/downstairs romance much like that of two of the characters from the show, and I was intrigued, I wasn’t entirely sold on whether this would be good, but your review gives me hope!

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