Review: Burned by Karen Marie Moning

burned 1Reviewed by Jen

I never thought I would ever have to say this about an installment in this series: I am disappointed.  I waited and waited through delays and revisions about what this book would be at its core. But on some level, I believed that Karen Marie Moning would make me eat my complaints and I would once again worship at the altar of Mac, Barrons, and the exceptional Fever world. And then… it didn’t happen.  The book isn’t bad. In fact, the second half is quite engaging. It simply doesn’t measure up to the standards Moning has set with the earlier books in this series.

The first half is very slow.  I kept waiting to feel the magic. But it jumps from POV to POV too quickly for me to connect.  It’s not that I got lost. The chapters were very clearly marked as to who was talking and it wasn’t hard to follow at all.  I just didn’t care.

There’s Mac, wanting to make up with Dani, but still feeling hurt by the knowledge Dani killed her sister. There’s Dani, running from Mac, refusing to believe that her former friend isn’t trying to kill her.  There are the Nine, still super powerful and uber-sexual. Oh yeah, and the Sinsar Dubh talking in Mac’s head. Eh.

The book takes an unexpected twist in the second half, which woke me up a bit and got me more interested.  But it wasn’t until the last third that it felt like a Fever book. And then, it was over. Abruptly.

There is some good stuff happening. Like Lore. He won this book for me, along with his unexpected storyline. Another bit of awesome, all the things Mac learned while observing the Nine.  I feel like we learned more about this group here than in all of the other books combined. I am still fascinated by them, and the more I learn, the more I want of them.  The side-plot that enabled these revelations and what we hear from Barrons when he didn’t know Mac was listening… pure gold.

The Mac and Barrons dynamic overall, though, not so much. I felt like the tension between them was manufactured. After all they’ve been through, this trifling stuff isn’t going to break them. Come on. No one is buying that. And as for a Dani romance, there’s nothing there either. Though one could argue that Moning opened the door to a romance, there wasn’t much stepping through it.

The next book is supposed to be out later this year. I don’t believe that. This ending didn’t exactly leave me, er, burning for more. But I am not ready to give up on this series yet… if for no other reason that to get more deets about those Nine and spend more time inside Lore’s head.

Rating: B-/C+

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by Karen Marie Moning
Release Date: January 20, 2015
Publisher: Delacorte Press


  1. I couldn’t agree more! I wanted more Dani. I am kinda Mac’d out. It was definitely a filler book. I found myself bored with the book and forcing myself to read it. I will read the next one though, just to stick with the series.

  2. I didn’t like the book at all ! I’m tired of Mac and wanted more Dani. I thought Mac’s story was done ? If this continues I won’t be reading the next book. I’ll be honest it was BORING !

  3. I have to agree with everyone else, I was very disappointed in this book. It began with Mac being whiny and wimpy…and then continued with Mac being whiny and wimpy. If I had to hear about her repeating EAP lines one more time to silence the ridiculous Sinsar Dubh…

    Burned did step up it’s game in the second half and especially the last few chapters. We had some real action, Mac got her confidence back and things really began to move along. It ended entirely too suddenly for my taste. And the all-powerful Unseelie princes are just suddenly dead? No really story, no action…just Barrons reappearing with their heads and more mind-melding between him and Mac. *sigh*

    With all the delays, I really had high hopes for this book. It was short and only half of it was really worth reading. The Dani back story is good; I am glad we got to know more about her past. I hope this is all delved into a bit deeper in the next book because right now Moning has Dani coming off very one-dimensional.

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